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Shraddha Walkar strangled to death by live-in partner in Delhi

New Delhi:

In a shocking case, a man allegedly strangled his live-in partner, cut her body into 35 pieces and dumped them in Delhi’s Mehrauli forest over 18 days, police sources said. Sources said he was out at 2 a.m. every day to dump the bodies.

The accused has been in police custody for five days.

Aftab Ameen Poonawala, 28, allegedly strangled his live-in partner Shraddha Walkar on May 18 after they got into a fight. He then cut her body into 35 pieces, bought a 300 liter freezer to keep them, the source said. Over the next 18 days, he processed the debris in different parts of the Mehrauli forest, they added.


“The two fell in love while working in Mumbai and came to Delhi at the end of April or the first week of May after being opposed by their families. They had an argument over their marriage in mid-May when they were living in the capital, The result escalated and he strangled her,” said Ankit Chauhan of the Southern District Additional DCP-I.

“The accused kept the woman’s body in a refrigerator and handled them on various occasions,” he added.

Shraddha, 26, was working in a call center for a multinational company in Mumbai, where she met Poonawala. The two began dating and living together. The couple eloped to Derry after her family disagreed with their relationship. They started living in an apartment in Mehrauli.

In September, Shraddha’s friend told her brother that her phone had been turned off for more than two months. Her family also checked her social media accounts, which had not been updated in some time.

In November, the victim’s father, Vikash Madan Walker, approached Mumbai police and filed a missing persons complaint.

In preliminary investigations, the victim’s last location was in Delhi, and the case was handed over to Delhi Police accordingly.

The victim’s father told police about his daughter’s relationship with Punawala and suspected him of his involvement in her disappearance.

On November 8, Vikas Madaan Walkar came to Delhi to check on his daughter and found a lock in her apartment. He approached Mehrauli police and filed a kidnapping charge.

In his complaint, Mr Walkar claimed that Shraddha had told him earlier that Pooonawala used to beat her.

Accordingly, police arrested Punawara on Saturday. During the investigation, he revealed that the two had frequent fights because Shraddha wanted to marry him, police sources said. He also confessed to police how he killed her and dispose of the body.

Police have charged Poonawala with murder.

Police said some remains were recovered from the forest, but it was unclear whether they were human remains. They said the knife used by the defendant, who was reportedly trained as a chef, has not been found.

“In a heart-wrenching case, a girl was killed by her boyfriend in Delhi and cut into 35 pieces and kept in the freezer! Her body pieces were thrown in different parts of the city. What kind of monsters live in society ?Police have arrested the accused and he should be severely punished,” Swati Marival, chairperson of Delhi Women’s Commission, said in a tweet.

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