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Foreign Minister S Jaishankar meets Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow

New Delhi:

India and Russia will discuss the overall global situation during the Ukraine war as well as specific regional issues, the Indian government said in a statement today, while Foreign Minister S Jaishankar met Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow today.

“India strongly reaffirms the resumption of dialogue,” Mr Jashankar said today of the Ukraine-Russian war.

“In terms of the international situation, the Covid-19 pandemic, financial stress and trade difficulties in the past few years; these have all had an impact on the global economy. We are now seeing the consequences of the conflict in Ukraine, most importantly,” Jashankar said. .

“There are also longer-standing issues of terrorism and climate change, both of which have a devastating impact on progress and prosperity. Our talks will address the overall global situation as well as specific regional issues,” the foreign minister said.

India and Russia have maintained strong and ongoing engagement at all levels. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Vladimir Putin last met in Samarkand in September.

India has also been buying oil from Russia during the Ukraine war, much to the chagrin of the West, which has severed trade ties with Russia.

“India and Russia are engaging with each other in an increasingly multipolar and rebalanced world. We do so as two regimes with a very stable and time-tested relationship,” Mr Jashankar said.

Asked by reporters about India’s possible response to Western calls to limit Russian oil purchases, Jashankar said the energy market is indeed under pressure due to a number of factors.

“As the third largest consumer of oil and gas, the income is not very high and we need to find affordable sources, so the Indo-Russian relationship is good for us. We will continue,” the foreign minister said.

Mr. Jaishankar is leading a large delegation from various economic ministries to Moscow, a sign that India and Russia will significantly expand their trade. It also stabilized Russia’s economy and provided India with cheap commodities – fuel and fertilizer.

By helping prop up Russia economically, India appears to be doing what it can to ensure Russia has an economic lifeline and is not cornered as it is currently in Ukraine. This could pave the way for India to play a bigger role in resolving the crisis in the future.

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