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Today's key poll results in 6 states, eyeing the battle for prestige: 10 facts

Counting starts at 8am and results are usually available by noon. (image used for representation)

New Delhi:
Votes will be counted for seven parliamentary seats in six states today, and whoever wins, the results will be publicized as a wider message. The family legacy in Haryana is on the horizon, with a battle of prestige going on in Bihar and Maharashtra.

Here are 10 points that outline the implications of these elections:

  1. Of the seven seats, the BJP holds three, Congress two, while Shiv Senna and RJD have one each before a vote is required. Two of the seats are in Bihar, one each in UP, Haryana, Maharashtra, Telangana and Odisha.

  2. Bihar has seen its first match since Nitish Kumar dumped BJP to restore JDU’s alliance with Tejashwi Yadav’s RJD – ​​in two seats. In Mokama, RJD’s Neelam Devi will seek to retain the seat previously held by her husband Anant Singh, a strongman politician who was disqualified for illegal possession of firearms.

  3. In Gopalganj, another seat in Bihar, the RJD wants to overthrow the BJP, which has been in control for nearly 20 years. It pits Mohan Prasad Gupta, an old party cadre, against Kusum Devi of the BJP, whose husband Subhash Singh ( The death of Subhas Singh made elections necessary.

  4. In Haryana, Admapur, the family seat of former chief minister Bhajan Lal, will decide whether his grandson Bhavya Bishnoi can carry on the 68-year legacy after switching from Congress to the BJP. Bhavya’s father, Kuldeep Bishnoi, who led the family to the BJP, resigned from the Adampur MLA when he defected, leading to the vote.

  5. Andheri East in Maharashtra has two firsts. This is the first poll after Shiv Sena was split in two as Eknath Shinde replaced Udhav Sak with the help of BJP Ray (Uddhav Thackeray) became Chief Minister. It was the first time in decades that the Thackeray-led Sena had a new name – Shiv Sena (Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray) – and a new symbol, the “mashaal” or burning torch.

  6. But there won’t be much competition for Andheri as the BJP withdrew its candidacy in the polls necessary for the leader’s death, part of a “political tradition”. Team Thackeray presented Rutuja Latke, whose husband Ramesh Latke’s death led to the race.

  7. In Telangana, Munughod saw the ruling TRS and its arch-rival Bharatiya Janata Party battling on the ground, with charges involving “tens of crores” – especially considering Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao Intended to challenge Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitions in 2024. The Congressional MLA has resigned and is now fighting for the BJP vote.

  8. In Dhamnagar, Odisha, the ruling party of regions, the BJD, also faces the BJP. BJP won it last time, but the death of MLA Bishnu Charan Sethi led to the match. It sent his son.

  9. In its stronghold UP, the BJP is seeking to retain the Gola Gokarannath seat, which was vacant following the death of its MLA Arvind Giri on September 6. The BSP and Congress are keeping their distance, so this is a direct fight between Aman Giri, son of Arvind Giri (BJP), and Vinay Tiwari, former MLA of the Samajwadi Party.

  10. None of these contests is likely to disrupt current state government math. But as regional parties look to build a united front for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections – just a year and a half away – these could be boosters or cognitive disruptors, depending on the outcome.

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