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since indian all-rounder Dipti Sharma The dismissal of England’s Charlie Dean at the end of the non-forward in the ODI on the House of Lords cricket ground has been widely debated, with some arguing that it is not in the spirit of cricket. It’s worth mentioning that it’s perfectly legal to kick a non-batsman out when they risk getting too far from the crease, even if the bowler isn’t pitching, and it’s recently moved from the “unfair play” section to the jumping out section ICC Classification.

Ahead of India’s T20 World Cup Super 12 match with Zimbabwe, Ravi Chandran Ashwin During the press conference, he talked about the team’s preparations and challenges. As Ashwin spoke to the media, it was almost clear that if the bowler hadn’t even pitched yet, whether he/she risked going too far, was being asked how to drive the non-forwards away.

Responding to a question about if non-forwards run too far before the ball is out, Ashwin said: “I honestly don’t want to go out like that either. Just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean I can’t go out like that. No one likes to go out and I don’t like to be out, bowling, LBW, running out. Likewise, I don’t want to run out and end where I’m not a striker.”

“It’s a form of dismissal, and it’s legal. There’s a lot of debate about it. Like anything else in this world, people have conflicting ideas. Whether you want to or not, it’s absolutely fine. It’s good to know some people won’t do it because you can run at the last minute and wait. Well, people will say they won’t do it, and as a cricketer, I’ll use it to my advantage.


Further on the journey of the World Cup so far, Ashwin said: “We didn’t get here easily (laughs). Our games against Bangladesh and Pakistan were very tricky. Those games have come to an end. I think even watching People play and their expert opinion on the game is still learning because the game is determined by such small profits.”

“The pundits themselves feel like they’re playing catch-up to see how it develops. So it’s not fair to say the team isn’t strengthening or the team isn’t at their best. It’s about how a person is doing that day, you How will it be against a bowler who is bowling. You can’t be sure and say a team is not playing good or good cricket. T20 cricket stands on the very edge so to make any comment I’ll just say in Comment after the game,” he added.

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