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IND vs BAN, T20 World Cup 2022 live: India’s strong hopes to keep semi-finals alive.© AFP

India vs Bangladesh, T20 World Cup, Group 2 match live updates: After the rain stopped, the Indian team quickly fought back after being rocked by the Bangladesh opener. Arshdeep Singh sacked both Afif Hossain and Shakib Al Hasan to give India the upper hand. The game is coming to an end and both sides will give their all. Bangladesh’s revised target is 151 in 16 matches. Earlier, Bangladesh’s opener Litten Das provided Bangladesh with a flying start as he scored 50 of 21 goals in the chasing 185 against India. Earlier, Virat Kohli scored 64 of 44 balls, India’s total of 184 in 6 overs against Bangladesh in Adelaide’s ongoing Group 2 tie. KL Rahul (32-ball 50) and Suryakumar Yadav (16-ball 30) also played key knocks. Earlier in the game, Kohli passed Mahra Jayawardene to become the leading scorer in T20 World Cup history. (Live Scorecard)

India: KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma (c), Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav, Hardik Pandya, Dinesh Karthik (w), Axar Patel, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Arshdeep Singh

Bangladesh: Najmul Hossain Shanto, Litton Das, Shakib Al Hasan (c), Afif Hossain, Yasir Ali, Mosaddek Hossain, Shoriful Islam, Nurul Hasan (w), Mustafizur R​​hman, Hasan Mahmud, Taskin Ahmed

Here are live score updates for the T20 World Cup match between India and Bangladesh, straight from the Adelaide Oval:

  • 17:36 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: Six! Taskin gets Bangladesh involved

    Hardik Pandya threw a short, Taskin hit six!Bangladesh need 21 games to win by 9 goals

  • 17:35 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: Four!Taskin Ahmed smashes it

    Hardik Pandya threw a pitch and Taskin Ahmed smashed the ball to the extra screen boundary for a four!Bangladesh 27 wins and 11 goals

  • 17:33 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: Bangladesh needs 31 matches to win Final 2

    Bangladesh are at 120/6 after 14 rounds and the team needs 31 points to win the last 2 rounds! nervous ending…

  • 17:28 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: Four! Good start for BAN 14th

    Four! Nurul Hasan knocks Arshdeep to the ground for four points! Bangladesh still in the game as they look to chase 151

  • 17:25 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: WICKET!Hardik strikes again

    Hardick pitched in the long range.Mossaddek Hossain went off the track but he ended up missing, the ball rattled on the stump

    Bangladesh 108/6.The game is quickly slipping away from Bangladesh

  • 17:22 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: WICKET!Yasser Ali walks back

    Hardik Pandya is now in the wicket with a short move from Yasir Ali. Bangladesh are losing the game because they are five points behind.

    Bangladesh 102/5 over 12.2

  • 17:18 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: WICKET!Sakibu Falls

    Arshdeep Singh is Indian. He took two shots in the same game, dismissing Afif Hossain and Shakib Al Hasan. Bangladesh is really on the back foot now!Bangladesh 100/4, need 51 runs to win 25 goals

  • 17:14 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: WICKET!Ash Deep Strike

    Arshdeep Singh Immediate Delivery! Afif Hussein leaves.India now 3 points behind Bangladesh in 151 chases

  • 17:13 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: Ashdeep in attack

    Arshdeep Singh was called into the attack by Captain Rohit Sharma. Could he provide Shakib’s key breakthrough?

  • 17:12 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: Bangladesh needs 52 matches to win final 5

    Shakib holds the key as Bangladesh now need 52 matches to win the last five.nervous finish on the card

  • 17:11 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: Shakib under attack

    Shaqib is attacking now, he’s hitting back to back! Bangladesh 96/2 over 10.4 points!

  • 17:10 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: Four! Shakib connect one

    In the end Shakib Al Hasan connected one and the ball was hit straight back for a four. Bangladesh’s much-needed border!

    Bangladesh 92/2 over 10.3

  • 17:08 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: 10 done, Bangladesh need 6 minus 63

    Bangladesh need 63 points to win their last six matches. Shakib Al Hasan is in the middle, so India cannot relax.

  • 17:03 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: WICKET!Shami strike

    Shami strikes! ! ! Najmul Hassan Shanto walks. He wanted to throw the ball into a long pass but was unable to time the ball perfectly and Suryakumar Yadav received it easily from the back.

    Bangladesh 84/2 over 9.1

  • 17:02 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: Bangladesh 84/1 in 9 rounds

    Bangladesh are at 84/1 in nine matches and still need 67 to win seven.tense ending

  • 16:59 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: Six! Shanto hooks the ball to the max

    Najmul Hassan Shanto hooked a short shot from Hardik Pandya for a six!Bangladesh 81/1 in 8.2 rounds

  • 16:54 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: WICKET! The brilliance of KL Rahul

    KL Rahul’s talent leaves Liton Das without a crease.He hits straight from deep and Littondas hits back after scoring 60

    Bangladesh 68/1 in 7.2 overs

  • 16:51 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: Match resumes, Ashwin starts lawsuit

    After a rain delay, the game has now resumed with Ravichandran Ashwin with the ball in hand.Bangladesh 67/0 Still need 84 runs to win 53 goals in 7.1 overs

  • 16:47 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: Can rest help India team

    The break will give India a chance to regroup and see them falter in line and length. Can they make the necessary changes now as Bangladesh need 85 runs in the remaining nine rounds?

  • 16:44 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: Modified Goal 151 minus 16

    Bangladesh’s revised target is 151 runs in 16 rounds.Games will start at 4:50pm EST

  • 16:42 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: Covers come off the pitch

    good sign! The main screen on the pitch is now coming off and the ground crew is talking to the referee.

  • 16:39 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: The referee looks in the middle

    The referee is in the middle and they are talking to the ground crew.

  • 16:34 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: Deadline is up, we’re starting to lose now

    The deadline has passed and we will now start losing.

  • 16:31 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh:

    The ground crew is in the middle and they are busy with their work. How much we lose in the end is what we need to see…

  • 16:28 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: Cover comes off

    good sign! The quilt had come off, but it was still drizzling.The game must stop raining completely to start over

  • 16:26 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: Adelaide rains more and more

    Adelaide’s rain is getting heavier, which doesn’t bode well for India. They desperately need the game to restart.

  • 16:24 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: Revised goals for Bangladesh in case of defeat

    Bangladesh goal lost

    19 times: 177

    17 times: 160

    15 times: 142

    12 times: 112

    10 times: 89

  • 16:19 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: What if India loses?

    If India end up losing the game, they will keep four points. Bangladesh will reach 6 points and will be at the top of the table. South Africa is second with 5 points and India will drop to third.

    Group 2 final round schedule

    South Africa v Pakistan and South Africa v Netherlands

    pakistan to bangladesh

    India to Zimbabwe

  • 16:15 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: After 15 minutes, the excess will start to diminish

    The game will start to lose in about 15 minutes as time has passed! India’s backs are stacked against the wall.Bangladesh 66/0 in 7 rounds, as it stands, they are 17 games ahead on the basis of DLS

  • 16:08 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: Hardik Pandya examines the DLS equation

    An image of Hardik Pandya pops up, probably reading the DLS equations. Great cover on the ground.The signs are ominous for India

  • 16:05 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: The ground crew has come up with the big cover

    The big cover has been taken out by the ground crew! In an ominous sign for India, they hope the rain stops and they get back on the pitch to finish the game. Winning this match will be crucial for India if they want to go all the way in the semi-finals.

  • 16:03 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: India may regret half chance

    A ball that fell on Dinesh Kartic and half-chance while trying to get Littondas up to the crease could haunt India again. Bangladesh leads on a DLS basis.

    Bangladesh 66/0 in 7 rounds.

  • 16:01 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: What will happen without more bowling?

    Without bowling, Bangladesh would end up winning the game as they lead by 17 points according to the DLS method.

  • 15:59 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: Rain stops game

    The rain has stopped! ! Bangladesh 66/0 in 7 rounds.Bangladesh leads par by 17 points according to DLS

  • 15:58 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: Axar concedes six in his first match

    Axar Patel dropped just six points in his first match, but Bangladesh are still at the top of the chasing 185 against India.

  • 15:58 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: Axar Patel involved in attack

    Axar Patel joins the attack right after the power game is over. Can he bring a breakthrough to India?

  • 15:52 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: Six! Litton Das fifty years old

    Litton Das shot 4 and 6, and he hit just 21 balls in half a century.Bangladesh 54/0 in 5.2 rounds

  • 15:51 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: India looking for some wickets

    Bangladesh have made a solid start, scoring 44 runs in 5 overs, so India need some quick wickets

  • 15:49 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: Six!Hill made six point shot

    Litton Das takes a diagonal shot that goes over the boundary.Bangladesh 43/0 in 4.5 rounds

  • 15:42 (IST)

    India vs Bangladesh: Litton Das chases Indian bowlers

    Litton Das is chasing India’s attack in the power game, while Bangladesh made a leap to start in the chase for 185.Bangladesh 35/0 in 3.3 rounds

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