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Rahul, Kuala Lumpur Knowing exactly what his team wants from him, he can “sleep peacefully” as long as he can. Having made just 22 of the first three T20 World Cup matches, it was Rahul’s chance to make a star turn with one of his best half-century (50 of 32 balls) and throw straight from deep Be the turning point in India’s five-round victory over Bangladesh. “I’m in a good mood. We’re all happy to be here and we’ve been looking forward to this World Cup for the past year. Whether I’m doing well or not, I’m always trying to keep my balance,” he said when asked about it. Rahul said what his mentality was when he went through a series of poor results last week.

“The team has given me a role where if I can do what the team wants me to do, I can sleep in peace,” the India vice-captain told reporters in a post-match meeting.

The most exciting aspect of India’s last four matches has been how different individuals have contributed to the team’s success.

“It’s an important game for us. We all want to contribute. Today, it’s my chance to stand up and be valued. Every game, different people put their hands up to make the game better. important,” Rahul said.

According to Rahul, India pulled out of the last T20 World Cup early in an effort to prepare for a tough environment.

“We really worked hard and prepared for difficult situations. So when the time comes, we can execute our plans in those difficult situations.”

Talk about his sensational direct blow from the deep in the form of a sacking Littendashe said: “We all work very hard on the fielding. We are committed to throwing and moving fast. The ball came and I hit the stump.”

Rahul also talked about Virat Kohli During an indoor training session on the eve of the game.

Asked about the kind of conversation he had with the masters, Rahul said: “We talked about the mentality and how we’ve come to Australia to play different formats over the years, but this wicket was very challenging.

“He (Cole) has been running, which means he’s been doing the right thing. So I want to know what he’s doing.” He thanked the coaching staff for keeping him in a good mood.

“Yeah, if you don’t score, it’s definitely disappointing, but the support staff has always been helpful.” Rahul was full of praise for the little gem of Litton’s one-hit (27-ball 60) but said India Teams are always confident they will cross the line.


“Lytton hit a great bat, and innings like this put pressure on the opponent. He hit the bowler.” But he conceded that the rain did help.

“Even if the rain didn’t stop, we knew we could put pressure on them once the Powerplay was over. We were confident that once the break was over, we were fully on,” Rahul added.

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