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Ashok Gehlot said the party’s focus should be on preserving the government in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot hit back after rival Sachin Pilot appeared to have escalated their long-running feud, marking the “congressional state” An atmosphere of indecision” and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s praise for his nemesis.

Here are 10 recent developments in this story:

  1. During a visit to Alwar, Mr Gallot told reporters that he urged his party leaders to “maintain discipline” and refrain from making inappropriate remarks. “[Congress general secretary] KC Venugopal has asked not to make a statement. We also want discipline from all leaders,” he said.

  2. The chief minister said the party’s focus should be on retaining the Rajasthan government, which will be voted on in about 13 months. “Our goal is to repeat the government. We have given good governance and brought so many programs in the state that have never happened before. We have started working hard to keep the country in good governance,” he said.

  3. Earlier in the day, in his new bid to take over as chief minister, Mr Pilot said: “It is time to end the atmosphere of indecision in Rajasthan.” Quoting Mr Venugopal, he had said that “Rajasthan will soon be” State situation” to make a decision.

  4. While swiping directly at Mr. Gehlot, he also said it was “Momordica charantia“Or, interestingly, how Prime Minister Modi praised Mr Gallot as a “senior chief minister” at a government event in Rajasthan yesterday. “(The praise) should not be taken lightly. Everyone knows what happened after the prime minister praised Ghulam Nabi Azad,” he said. Mr Azad had recently left the party.

  5. In July 2020, Mr Pilot tried to force the promotion of the deputy chief minister by quarantining about 20 MLAs at a resort near Delhi. The message was that unless he got Mr. Gehlot’s job, he would spoil the party. However, due to the modest support he received, his workouts failed.

  6. Then, just a few weeks ago, Mr Gallot showed his own political muscle, proving to Congress that he could not be replaced as chief minister. The possibility arose as Sonia Gandhi urged the 71-year-old to succeed her as Congress president. Mr Gallot’s proposed dual roles – chief minister and Congress president – drew public condemnation from Rahul Gandhi, who cited the party’s “one person, one office” rule.

  7. In response, when Congress organised a MLA meeting in Rajasthan to assess the need for a new chief minister, Mr Gallot’s supporters did not show up, opting instead to hold a veto in the case where they insisted Mr Gallot has veto power. His replacements were met individually at the meeting, and Mr Pilot had to be announced to be withdrawing from the race.

  8. A few days later, Mrs Gandhi met Mr Garrett – postponed to express “High Command”‘s displeasure – and he apologised for the actions of his loyalists. At the time, Mr Pilot was reportedly assured that his time might finally have come.

  9. But no action has been taken against Mr. Gehlot’s team, and plans to give Mr. Pilot a chance to run the state have apparently not progressed.

  10. When Congress won Rajasthan in 2018, Gandhi told Mr Pilot that he would timeshare the job of chief minister with Mr Gehlot, as his superior, for the first half of his five-year term. When Mr Pilot’s uprising failed, he was removed as deputy chief minister and chairman of the party’s Rajasthan unit.

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