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The painters worked overnight at the government hospital in Morbi, Gujarat.

Morby (Gujarat):

Just hours before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Morbi, Gujarat, where more than 130 people died in the collapse of a bridge on October 30, some patients at the government hospital have been selected to be moved to a freshly painted The new bed in the ward, and was briefed on the speech with him, NDTV had learned.

Empty wards on the first floor have been deep cleaned, new beds with new sheets.This is where some of the wounded who were on the ground floor earlier will be held for the Prime Minister’s visit. Some sheets were marked with a hospital in Jamnagar, 160km from Morby.

At least 40 painters worked overnight to repaint the entire exterior of the hospital, except for the ward where Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with the victims. The toilet also has new tiles. Four new drinking fountains have also been installed at the hospital since Sunday’s tragedy.

The prime minister is also expected to visit the site of the collapse of the Mahhu River.

Rival parties slammed the prime minister for “incident management of corpses” during an election campaign in his hometown. Parliament and the AAP have sought answers from the ruling BJP on how a British-era suspension bridge could reopen without a certificate of completion.

Closed for renovations since March, it reopened last week, collapsing just four days later.

So far, police have arrested staff of Oreva Group, the company that signed the renovation contract. Police said in the FIR that opening the bridge early was a “grossly irresponsible and careless gesture”.

The company is contracted to close the bridge for eight to 12 months for maintenance and repairs. Since reopening, tickets have been priced at Rs 12-17. Some old cables on the Morby Bridge were not replaced during Oreva Group’s seven-month renovation, sources said.

The state government has set up a five-member committee of inquiry.

But the Public Interest Litigation or PIL has brought a judicial inquiry to the Supreme Court. A hearing will be held on November 14.

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