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Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said the police and intelligence agencies should cooperate with each other.

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday floated the idea of ​​”one country, one uniform” for the police, in another attempt to create unity among the various forces. He said it was “just an idea” rather than an imposition, and asked states to treat it as a proposal.

“The police ‘one country, one uniform’ is just an idea. I’m not trying to impose it on you. Just think about it. It could happen, it could happen in 5, 50 or 100 years. But let’s Think about it,” Prime Minister Modi said.

Speaking to the state Home Minister “Chintan Shivir”, the prime minister said he believed the identity of police officers across the country could be the same.

Prime Minister Modi also advocated close cooperation among states to fight crime and criminals.

He also supported Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s call for a unified law and order policy. “Cooperative federalism is not only a constitutional sense, but also the responsibility of the states and the center,” he added.

The Prime Minister said that while law and order are national subjects under the constitution, they are equally linked to the unity and integrity of the country.

He said every state should learn, inspire each other, and work together for internal safety.

“It is a constitutional mandate and a duty to nations to work together for internal security,” he said.

He said all agencies – including central and state – should work together to ensure efficiency, better outcomes and protection for ordinary people

He also urged state governments to review old laws and revise them in light of current circumstances, as he pushes for concerted action from all agencies to address emerging law, order and security challenges.

Talking about the spread of fake news, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that fact-checking fake news is a must, and technology plays an important role in this.

“People have to understand the mechanics of validating messages before forwarding them,” he said.

The Prime Minister said the police and intelligence agencies should work together to ensure efficiency, better outcomes and the protection of ordinary people.

He said the good old systems of police and security agencies generating human intelligence should be strengthened for better results.

PM Modi asked states not to look at budgets when choosing technology because “an investment in technology today is a saving for the future.”

The idea of ​​having one uniform for the entire police force has not gained traction among the various police forces, who feel the need to differentiate between the different units as it identifies each other.

“We have so much diversity in our country. The northeast has a colder climate. Rajasthan is hot in the south. We have humidity. How can we have the same uniform for all and people can identify the uniforms that have strength, so it’s a kind of Useless practice,” a senior DG ranking official said.

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