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Harbhajan said the performance showed how far India was from other teams.© Instagram

India played a near-perfect match against the Netherlands at the T20 World Cup on Thursday, with Rohit Sharma’s side winning by 56 points. Although Holland initially looked like they were fighting the ball, they failed at the halfway stage of the Indian innings as three Indian batsmen – Rohit, Virat Kohli and Surya Kumar Yadav – Played for half a century. Holland can only play 123/9 in 20 rounds. After the win, Harbhajan Singh, a member of India’s 2007 World T20 and 2011 World Cup winning team, said the performance showed how far apart India was from other teams.

“Today was a good day. The batting was great. The game went as expected. Every member of the team did a great job. I expected the game to go like this. Virat ran, Surya ran, when On the board when running, it’s important to show a team like this where India is far ahead,” Harbhajan Singh on Aaj Tak.

“That happened. Bowling went as expected,” he added.

In the match, Suryakumar Yadav bullied an inexperienced attack as India did not take his foot off the pedal once to beat Holland for a second win. 180 goals, half a century from captains Rohit Sharma (53 39 goals), Virat Kohli (62 44 goals) and Surya (51 25 goals), was enough for the Dutchman. Once India’s power game was over, it was never played again.

The Orange Brigade was out of breath with 123 points from nine out of 20 as the track’s relative slowness after the Bengal-South Africa race affected its approach.

Holland were the fourth team to bat on the track, and while there was no noticeable wear and tear, it was fast enough to Aksa Patel (2/18) and Ravi Chandran Ashwin (2/21) Tighten the noose against the batsman.


On the expected line, Mohammed Shami (2/9), Arshdeep Singh (2/37) and Buffneshwar Kumar (1/27) Had a relaxing day at the office.

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