Indigo plane’s engine catches fire moments before take-off in Delhi – Flying Journals

Video showed one of the engines catching fire during takeoff.

New Delhi:

An IndiGo plane was grounded at Delhi airport on Friday night after one of its engines caught fire, before taking off for Bengaluru seconds later.

Delhi Police said all passengers and crew on IndiGo flight 6E-2131 were safe. There were 184 people on the Airbus A-320 plane.

The incident happened around 9.45pm and passengers were not evacuated immediately. Passengers disembarked after 11pm and took another flight at midnight.

One of the passengers, Priyanka Kumar, posted a video of the incident on Twitter showing one of the engines on fire and sparking.

The video showed that the fire was quickly extinguished. NDTV also learned that the pilot on the plane did not release a fire extinguisher in the plane’s right engine.

“The plane could have taken off in five to seven seconds. All of a sudden, I saw huge sparks on the wings and it turned into a big fire. The plane stopped immediately. The pilot told us there was some engine failure.” Priyanka Kumar told NDTV on the phone.

“We are still on the plane. The situation is under control. The fire brigade is here. The plane has been taken to a stand. IndiGo is arranging another plane for us,” Ms Kumar said at around 11pm.

“There was a panic initially, but the staff made us feel comfortable. Give us water. There were a lot of old people and children around…everyone was safe and there was no emergency stop,” she added.

Indigo Airlines said in a statement: “An aircraft of flight 6E2131 from Delhi to Bangalore experienced an engine stall during the takeoff roll. Takeoff was aborted and the aircraft returned to the Gulf safely.”

“All passengers were placed on another aircraft. We regret the inconvenience caused to passengers,” it added.

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