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Haryana minister interrupted 4 times by Amit Shah during 8 minute speech

Amit Shah, just a few seats away, begins to listen intently

Surakund, Haryana:

Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij delivered a lengthy speech today at a project organised by the Union Home Ministry that was publicly snubbed by Union Home Minister Amit Shah. During the eight-and-a-half minute speech, Mr Shah interrupted him four times, reminding him that only five minutes were allotted. Eventually, Mr Shah interrupted him.

The event was the opening ceremony of a seminar organised by the United Home Ministry in Surajkund, Haryana. Mr. Vij will deliver a welcome speech. Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar will deliver the keynote speech. Mr. Shah was the last speaker.

Mr. Vij is expected to thank Mr. Shah for his presence at the event. But he was quick to stray from the history of Haryana, its contribution to the Green Revolution, the state’s performance in the Olympics and the sports infrastructure built by the state government. He even talked about his weekly grievance remediation meetings.

Mr. Shah, just a few seats away, began to listen intently. He then sent the minister a note, apparently telling him to end it. When it didn’t work, he turned on his microphone and tapped it, pointing at Mr. Vij.

But the state interior minister is still not taking the hint.

“Anil-ji, you’ve been allotted five minutes. You’ve spoken for eight and a half minutes. Please end your speech. This is not the place for such a long speech. Keep it short,” Mr Shah concluded.
But Mr. Vij asked for a few more seconds, saying he had one more point to make.

When Mr Shah allowed him, he went on to complete a long list of achievements. By this point, Mr Shah was clearly distraught. “Anil, please forgive me. This won’t work. Get it done,” he said.

Mr Vij’s response was to begin his closing remarks.

But Mr Shah had had enough. “It’s done. The program should go on,” he said sternly.

Given the extra time Mr. Vij had spent, his boss, Mr. Khattar, spoke for only three of the five minutes allotted to him.

Under the two-day Union Ministry programme, nine states’ chief ministers and home ministers or senior police officers will discuss law and order and national security under the chairmanship of Mr Shah. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will speak at the event tomorrow.

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