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'Poorly preserved' platelets, not Mozambique juice: UP official dead

The patient is being treated at Global Hospital in Prayagraj Jhalwa area.


Widespread outrage came days after the family of a dengue patient in Uttar Pradesh claimed he died from an intravenous injection of “mosambi” or sweet lime juice instead of platelets, a claim a senior government official denied on Wednesday.

Prayagraj District Sheriff Sanjay Hartree said on Wednesday they found the patient had received a “poorly preserved” pack of platelets.

“We have established a three-person team to investigate this incident. Their report found that the patient’s platelets were poorly preserved. We are acting on this information,” Mr Khatri said.

Relatives of the 32-year-old patient claimed that they obtained a bag marked “plasma” at the Global Hospital and Trauma Center (formerly Allahabad) in Prayagraj (formerly Allahabad) through an intermediary of sweet lime juice.

The patient’s family said his condition worsened after a blood transfusion from one of the bags. He was transferred to a second private hospital, where he died, the family said, adding that doctors there told them the ‘platelet’ bag was fake and was actually chemicals and sweet lime or ‘mozambi’ juice mixture.

The hospital was mothballed as directed by the Chief Medical Officer and received a demolition notice for unauthorized construction.

The hospitals concerned dismissed the allegations, saying the platelets were procured by relatives of the patients themselves. The person in charge of the hospital said that the patient’s platelets dropped to 17,000, and then asked his relatives to arrange platelets.

“They brought five units of platelets from a government hospital. After three units were transfused, the patient had a reaction. So we stopped it,” the hospital boss said in a statement, adding that he also supported the investigation.

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