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Rishi Sunak, running for UK prime minister, says 'want to fix the economy, unite the country'

New Delhi:

Former British Chancellor of the Exchequer Sunak, one of the favourites to be the next Prime Minister, officially announced today that he is running for the next Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister. He has the backing of more than 100 MPs – the minimum requirement for the top job.

“I want to fix our economy, unite our party and contribute to our country,” he said in a tweet, adding that the choices his party makes now “will determine whether the next generation of British people will be better than The previous generation had more opportunities”.

The 42-year-old is the clear front-runner as he has the backing of at least 128 Tory MPs, although loyalists of his former boss, Boris Johnson, claim he has the 100 MPs he needs. MPs come to Congress. List of qualifiers.

While the former Conservative leader and prime minister has yet to officially announce his candidacy, the race is shaping up as a three-way battle between Mr Sunak, Mr Johnson and third-placed House of Commons leader Penny Mordout.

Liz Truss had to resign on her 45th day as prime minister after her tax cuts failed to pass because there was no clarity on how she would fund them – the shortest term for a British prime minister. Boris Johnson resigned in July after three years in office following a series of scandals during the Covid lockdown, such as partying.

Nominations will close on Monday, October 24.The 100 nominations required for the final ballot may be submitted by email or physically, as detailed in the rules UK Parliament website.

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