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India's heaviest rocket with 36 satellites lifts off

Next year, the LVM3 rocket will launch another group of 36 satellites.

New Delhi:

Indian space agency ISRO launched 36 satellites on its heaviest rocket at 12:70 a.m. on Sunday, cementing its position in the global commercial satellite launch market.

The satellites are carried on a rocket LVM3 by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and belong to London-based communications company OneWeb, of which India’s Bharti Enterprises is a major investor.

A global provider of low-cost space services, ISRO launched 31 small satellites in June 2017, including several for European countries.

For the rocket LVM3, this was the first commercial satellite launch. The contract was signed between the London-based company and the central government company NewSpace India Ltd or NSIL.

“In the first half of next year, LVM3 will launch another group of 36 OneWeb satellites,” an NSIL executive told news agency PTI.


The Indian Space Agency’s newest and heaviest rocket can carry satellites weighing four tons, the equivalent of a large flatbed truck.

In 2014, India launched an orbiter to Mars at a cost of $74 million, a fraction of the $671 million NASA spent on its MAVEN Mars mission.

“We got to Mars on a lower budget than a Hollywood movie,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in June 2017, ahead of the launch of 31 small satellites.

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