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Rishi Sunak hits the magic number first, here's how the next UK prime minister is chosen

Rishi Sunak has the support of MPs as requested. (document)

So far, former finance minister Rishi Sunak is running to be the next UK prime minister to replace Liz Truss, but the road involves twists and turns that he failed to navigate last time.

The first step is to get the support of 100 MPs – the Conservatives have 357 – and he already has 122. BBC Tracker Saturday 11:30pm India time. This is calculated from the 198 Conservative MPs who have made public with their support.

Boris Johnson supporters say he is over 100 years old and on this tracker he is 53. The leader of the House of Commons, Penny Mordaunt, was 23 years old.But Britain’s most prominent news outlets – The Sunday Times, the BBC and Sky News – quoted a source close to Johnson as saying he has 100 supporters So “might” be on the ballot.

Mr Johnson arrived in London early on Saturday after a Caribbean holiday.


Penny Mordout has one First mover advantage When it comes to social media campaigns. She posted a video of “The Real Me” and positioned herself as someone who understands the cost of living.

Liz Truss had to resign on her 45th day as prime minister after her tax cuts failed to pass because it was not clear how she would fund them – the shortest term for a British prime minister. Boris Johnson resigned in July after three years in office following a series of scandals during the Covid lockdown, such as partying.

This is how it will work from now on.

Liz Truss announced she agreed with the 1922 Committee, the political party group that decides the rules of the leadership contest, to hold a leadership poll “within the next week”.

Nominations will close on Monday, October 24.The 100 nominations required for the final ballot may be submitted by email or physically, as detailed in the rules UK Parliament website.


Penny Mordaunt is the third to replace Liz Truss.

The top two contenders after the MPs vote will be on the ballot for an online vote of party membership. (Rishi Sunak Up until this point last time. )

This process will be completed by October 28.

Note: If only one candidate gets the required 100 nominations from MPs, there will be no party votes. The party will then have a confirmed leader – a new prime minister – on October 24.

But if two candidates pass the first stage — the MPs’ vote — that is — the second stage will allow party members to vote. Here, it’s simple: the candidate with the most votes wins. Rules and numbers are not always shared openly by political parties.

Party rules state that only members who have been members for at least three months before the voting deadline can vote.


In Rishi Sunak’s final loss to Liz Truss, UK members can vote by post or online. Overseas members can only vote electronically. This time the entire system is expected to be online for faster results.

The UK general election will be held in December 2024.

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