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Ghaziabad 'gang rape story' made up by woman, cops claim

Ghaziabad police held a news conference, calling the rape a fabricated story.

Ghaziabad (top):

An alleged rape in Ghaziabad has been proven by a woman who lied to frame a man as they have an ongoing dispute over their property, police said. She is likely to face action.

“The two days she was with two of her friends – she claimed she was kidnapped and raped by five men,” UP regional police chief Praveen Kumar said on Thursday..

The case has drawn attention, with the Delhi Residents’ Council tweeting on Wednesday that the 36-year-old woman was found wrapped in a jute sack, with her hands and feet tied and an iron. Rod inserted into her privates.

Police arrested four of the five men named and filed a lawsuit, but also brought up a property dispute angle at the time.

Doctors at Delhi’s GTB Hospital later denied she had any internal injuries.

Police said cell phone signal tracking showed that a friend of hers had turned off her phone at the location where she was found, near Ashram Road, which connects Ghaziabad to Delhi.

She had said she was kidnapped while waiting for a bus to Delhi after a birthday party in Ghaziabad. She said her brother took her to a bus stop where five men in a car dragged her inside and raped her in captivity.

“This complaint is a complete conspiracy to bring rape cases against these five men,” the officer said.

Police have detained three of her associates.

“Evidence was also found that one of them made donations to a person through PayTM to promote more publicity about the rape,” the official added, adding that the friend had registered three criminal cases against him.

He further claimed: “We have recovered the car she went with friends and stayed with them for two days.”

When she was found on Wednesday, she was first taken to a government hospital in Ghaziabad. Then asked to move to Meerut; “but she refused to undergo medical examinations in both places”.

At her insistence, she was admitted to GTB Hospital in Delhi, police said.

There was no immediate response from either the victim’s side or Swati Mariwal after police claimed the rape was a conspiracy.

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