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With M Kharge's new Congress president, what's next for Sonia Gandhi

“I’ve been waiting a long time for this day,” Sonia Gandhi said on Monday.

New Delhi:

Sonia Gandhi, who has been the interim president of Congress for three years, is likely to return to a calm schedule now that the party’s internal elections are over. “She will continue as Congress president,” a party source told NDTV.

Sonia Gandhi was elected as Chairperson of Congress Parliamentary Party in June 2019.

As parliamentary party chairman, Mrs Gandhi will decide who will succeed Malikajon Hargar as the leader of the House of Lords party.

Mr Halger, who succeeded her in the top job today, had to step down from his seat in the upper house under the party’s “one person, one post” rule.

“Sonia Gandhi took over the party in August 2019 following the resignation of Rahul Gandhi, and so far, she has only used the title of ‘Congress President’ in all official communications,” said one of the party’s Senior leaders said.​​​ He added that even in her letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, she never referred to herself as Congress chairman.

Mr. Kharge, a strong supporter of the Gandhi family, is considered the approved candidate, and his presence also heralds the possibility of Mrs. Gandhi taking on an advisory role. Mr Kharge has always stressed that he will seek Gandhi’s help when needed. “There’s nothing shameful about it,” he told reporters.

Today Rahul Gandhi said that while he will report to party chairman Mr Harg, “the president will decide my role and how I will be deployed… you have to ask Harg Ji and Sonia … lucky”.

Sonia Gandhi, 75, withdrew from party affairs after charging Rahul Gandhi in December 2017. But after he resigned from the top job in August 2019, she had to return to the party, taking responsibility for the party’s two consecutive general election losses and rejecting all requests for reconsideration.

At the time, Congress concluded that the leader who led the United People’s Party to a two-game winning streak would breathe new life into the party. However, Mrs Gandhi’s helm has not stopped the party’s slide, which has lost a series of elections in the states over the past three years.

The result has been multiple calls for change, big leaders quit and even open rebellion, as happened recently in Rajasthan, where Ashok Gallot’s loyalists held the post of Chief Minister of Rajasthan. a situation.

“I have been waiting for this day for a long time,” Mrs Gandhi said on Monday after voting for internal elections. Today, uncharacteristically, she also visited Mallikarjun Kharge to congratulate him on his victory.

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