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It started raining around 7.30pm and commuters on their way home had to take refuge at the subway station.


Heavy rain fell in Bengaluru on Wednesday night, flooding several main roads in the east, south and central parts of the city, including the IT district of Berandur. Rajamahal Guttahalli, north of the city, received 59mm of rain, according to the Meteorological Department. The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a yellow warning for three days of heavy rain.

Imagery from low-lying areas showed heavily waterlogged roads, water flowing into open manholes, flooded underground car parks and damaged vehicles. Commuters on their way home had to take shelter at the subway station as it started raining around 7.30 – peak hour in the evening.

Last month, the city dealt with unprecedented flooding after three consecutive days of rain, sparking a political battle between the ruling BJP and Congress.

Parts of the city, home to global IT companies and homegrown start-ups, were inundated and took days to subside. In nearby residential areas, roads were blocked and water and electricity lines were cut. Tractors were forced into service to rescue residents of some luxury residential complexes.

Schools are closed and office workers are being asked to work from home.

Flight operations were affected, and dramatic videos of rescues, flooded roads and homes, and flooded expensive cars circulated on social media.

The IT capital broke all records for this year’s heavy rain, with 1706mm recorded since the start of the monsoon. In 2017, the city received 1,696 mm of rainfall.

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