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Clearing Roads, Repainting City Areas for Derry Municipal Poll: 10 points

New Delhi:
Delhi’s municipal constituencies have been redrawn as a first step towards holding a postponed referendum seen as a test of support for the ruling Aam Aadmi party. The move, opposed by the AAP, could escalate hostilities between the centre and the state government.

Here are the top 10 points from the big story:

  1. There is a buzz that the referendum in Delhi may be held at the same time as the parliamentary elections in Gujarat – this is to get the AAP involved in Delhi. The party has been running a fierce campaign in Gujarat, highlighting its governance model in Punjab and Delhi, with the BJP leading the way in parliamentary elections.

  2. A referendum scheduled for March was postponed, and the center said it wanted to merge three of Delhi’s civic institutions. The AAP argued that the BJP was nervous about the race given the humiliating defeat in Punjab, so they were buying time.

  3. “People are questioning this move. The BJP has been in the centre for seven or eight years, why didn’t they do it (unification) sooner,” AAP chief and Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal had said. “The BJP knows there is an AAP wave in Delhi and they will lose,” he said.

  4. Before the merger in May, the three municipal corporations – South Delhi Municipal Corporation, North Delhi Municipal Corporation and East Delhi Municipal Corporation – were all under the control of the BJP.

  5. The AAP also opposed the draft plan to redefine wards when it was presented by the demarcation committee last month, saying it was “politically motivated”. The AAP argued that this would lead to differences in the population and size of citizen administrative units, even going to the Supreme Court.

  6. The Supreme Court has sought responses from the National Election Commission and the central government.

  7. On Monday, the demarcation committee submitted its final report on the redistricting of the Delhi Municipal Corporation ward to the Home Office after addressing all objections and recommendations. The committee has received more than 1,700 suggestions and objections to the draft report on ward division in Delhi, sources said.

  8. The demarcation will be completed following the announcement of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. Under this, the Unified Municipal Corporation of Delhi will have 250 wards – down from 272 – of which 42 will be reserved for SCs.

  9. “The 22 parliamentary constituencies will be demarcated by one each, but the constituency structure of all 70 constituencies has been restructured in the draft,” the AAP said last month.

  10. “This work has been called by comprehensive experts for a lack of logic, rationale and justification. It has been argued that reorganisation of wards under the MCD demarcation could pose a threat to the development of the nation’s capital and place staff interests in the – dark class wards,” the party added in a statement.

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