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CCTV footage shows men fighting

New Delhi:

Surveillance footage showed a 27-year-old man died in central Delhi after two groups clashed on Wednesday. Victim Nites died in hospital on Saturday after suffering serious injuries after being hit with sticks by three people. Two of his friends were also injured.

The murder sparked protests from locals, who suspect a public perspective. They claimed the victim was linked to the right-wing group Bajrang Dal and that the killer was a Muslim man. However, police said the fight was a minor issue with no public connection.

On Sunday, locals blocked roads and protested the killings.

Deputy Police Commissioner Shweta Chauhan said Nitesh was standing near his home with his friends Monty and Alok on October 12 when he got into an argument with three boys on motorcycles – Ufiza, Abbas and Adnan. The latter violently attacked the victim with sticks and iron bars before fleeing.

“Nitesh was taken to hospital and died late on Saturday night. Police handed over the body to the family after an autopsy,” said DCP Chauhan.

According to the police, many cases have been registered against Nitesh and Alok.

Some locals claim that Nitesh recently joined Bajrang Dal, which is why he was targeted by Muslims. They further said that a mob from a nearby mosque came to beat Nitesh, although the police denied this.

Police maintained a minor escalation of the altercation with no common angle. They have registered a murder case and are looking for three accused.

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