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A wild elephant was seen playing in a children’s park at the Narunji military camp in Guwahati.

New Delhi:

In a heartwarming video circulating online with more than 30,000 views, a wild elephant is seen playing in a children’s park.

The park is located within the Narengi Barracks in Guwahati.

This 30-second video shows elephants playing gently on a children’s swing. It goes back and forth between the swings and even kicks them playfully with its hind legs.

Narengi Barracks is located next to the Elephant Corridor. It is also common to see herds of wild elephants straying onto the highway.

Locals said the elephant may have strayed into the camp from the nearby Anchang Wildlife Sanctuary in search of food.

last month, another wild elephant Surprise a bunch of guys playing football in the military camp. The video, widely shared on social media, shows elephants crossing the road to join the game. Someone passed the ball to the elephant and the elephant managed to kick it back with its hind legs. Then the elephant left the field, its trunk held high as if to say goodbye.

(Apart from the title, this story was unedited by NDTV staff and was posted from a syndicated feed.)

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