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India launches ballistic missile from nuclear submarine in landmark test: 10 facts

INS Arihant successfully test-fires ballistic missile today

New Delhi:
India’s nuclear ballistic missile submarine INS Arihant successfully test-fired a ballistic missile today, a major milestone as earlier tests were conducted from fixed underwater buoys; this time the submarine itself fired the missile.

Here’s a 10-point cheat sheet for the big story

  1. The submarine-launched ballistic missile test proved the credibility of the Indian Navy’s nuclear deterrent. Indian ballistic missile submarines may now be able to target China and Pakistan from underwater positions when deployed.

  2. The latest submarine-launched ballistic missile test proved that the domestically produced INS Alihan special-class submarine is capable of combat in all aspects.

  3. “All operational and technical parameters of the weapon system have been validated,” the Defense Department said in a statement after the test launch today.

  4. The Defense Ministry said the submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) had been tested at a predetermined range and hit the target area in the Bay of Bengal with very high accuracy.

  5. The successful test-firing of the SLBM by INS Arihant is significant for proving crew capability and validating India’s ballistic missile submarine program, a key element of India’s nuclear deterrent capability.

  6. “A robust, survivable and assured retaliation capability is in line with India’s policy of having a credible minimum deterrent to support its ‘no first use’ commitment,” the Indian Defense Ministry said.

  7. India has three indigenous ballistic missile submarines and has developed two submarine-launched surface-to-surface missiles – the K-15 and K-4. The latter has a range of 3,500 kilometers and can serve as a nuclear deterrent against China.

  8. The plan to build nuclear-powered submarines and equip them with submarine-launched ballistic missiles is by far the most complex weapons development program India has been involved in.

  9. India is the sixth country in the world to have nuclear-powered submarines equipped with ballistic missiles, after the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France and China.

  10. INS Arihant is India’s first domestically produced nuclear submarine. It was launched in July 2009 by Gursharan Kaur, wife of former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, on the anniversary of Vijay Diwas (Victory Day in Kargil War).

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