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In Kerala human sacrifice, mastermind masquerades as 'Sreedevi' on social media


Mohammad Shafi – the mastermind behind the “human sacrifice” case in Kerala – disguised herself as a woman on social media and befriended the accused Bhagaval Singh. Police said his account was named “Sreedevi” and he used pictures of flowers as his DP. Later, disguised as a saint, he offered to hold pujas and ceremonies to end the couple’s misfortune and give them financial prosperity, police sources said.

Police also said there were indications that he had a physical relationship with Bhagaval Singh’s wife Laila, which was faked as part of the ceremony. However, an official added that this had to be proven independently and that they were looking for “hard evidence”. Reports say lawyers for the accused couple have denied any possibility of cannibalism – another angle police are exploring.

All three have been charged with being involved in the murders of two women discovered by police earlier this week.

Police said Laila Singh and Shafi each sexually abused and tortured one of the two victims and killed them. Police said Shafee was a psychopath and pervert who rejoiced in cruelty. Police said he had held the Singh family and brainwashed them with promises of human sacrifice.

In yesterday’s court proceedings, police gave a series of events in the two murders. The horrific attacks on Rosalin and Padma occurred three months apart – June and September – but were very similar.

The sources said knives were inserted in the private parts of both women, their throats were slit and their bodies were chopped into pieces and buried. For Rosalynn, the perpetrator is said to be Laila Singer. Shafi tortured and killed the second woman, Padma. Sources said Bhagavan Singh had chopped off Rosalind’s chest before the body was buried. So far, the sequence of events has largely come from the guilty plea. Police are also investigating allegations of cannibalism by one of the defendants.

Police today detained all three accused for 12 days for more careful questioning and thorough investigation. The court yesterday ordered judicial custody of the accused. But police filed a custody application today, saying detailed inquiries were needed to determine if there were any other victims.

The Kerala court, where the incident occurred, said the widespread use of the internet and social media had also contributed to the spread of superstitions and regressive beliefs.

Referring to the human sacrifice case that shocked the nation, Justice Eldos Mathew said in his order: “Even if (even though) the spirit of our constitution is to promote a scientific temper, modern science such as Facebook, mobile phones, YouTube, etc. Tools are also being used. Spreading our strange beliefs, superstitions, rituals, etc. In fact, when science and technology lead our society to progress and development, this regressive act sets society back.”

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