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Police said the accused may have “eaten the victim’s flesh”.


A Kerala couple allegedly maimed and killed two women to get rich quick in a ritual ‘human sacrifice’, police said today, and they may have even eaten the victims’ meat as the case emerged Shocking new details.

The victims, Roslyn and Padma, were tied up and tortured before being strangled, police said. The woman’s breast is cut off, allowing the blood to flow out. One of the bodies was cut into 56 pieces, the police chief said. Body parts were found from three pits.

The main accused is Mohammad Shafi, described as a “sexual pervert” and sadist who lured women into the homes of Bhagwa Singh and his wife Laila. Shafee was released on bail in a 2020 case involving the sexual assault of a 75-year-old woman.

Shafee allegedly promised victims money to star in pornographic films. Meanwhile, he “advised” Bhagavan Singh and Laila to perform human sacrifices to end their financial woes and become rich, police said.

“It is possible that the accused ate part of the body after killing the victim. The investigation is underway, but it has not been confirmed,” Kochi police chief CH Nagaraju said.

Massage therapist and “therapist” Bhagaval Singh, who has a social media following, is reportedly linked to the state’s ruling CPI(M). However, the party denies he is a party member.

“He worked with us, but was not a member of our party. He used to be a progressive, but after his second marriage he became a religious man. It could be the influence of his wife,” CPI’s PR Pradeep Say (M) official.

Roslyn disappeared in June and Padma in September, police said. They were murdered on June 6 and September 26, according to police.


Roselin and Padma were killed as part of a ritual sacrifice.

Police were investigating Padma’s disappearance when they discovered the killing. The women’s calls were traced to Shafee. He was found with the help of CCTV footage and his abandoned car. After the investigation, police came to the house of Patanantita, where Bhagava Singh and his wife reportedly confessed.

Mr Nagaraju said Shafie “was a pervert, a psychopathic killer” and was the main defendant in the case, adding that the dropout was addicted to perversion and “rejoices in cruelty”.

Padma was strangled and beheaded, and her body was chopped into 56 pieces by Shafie, police said.

Rosalind was allegedly strangled by Laila and her breasts were cut off.

Investigations revealed that one of the women was tortured with a knife.

Shafie is believed to have lured the women after contacting them on social media.

“The main allegation is that Shafee is a pervert. He committed sexual perversions to women. We are investigating whether there are more defendants, and whether more such cases have occurred. His motives are sadism and perversion,” Naga Mr Raju said.

Shafie allegedly used his wife’s Facebook to find people in financial difficulty. There, he reportedly met Bhagaval Singh and his wife, who he later learned were interested in human sacrifice, police said.

The police chief also referred to allegations that Shafie attempted to rape an elderly woman. The injuries she suffered were similar, he said.

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