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Bangalore police indict 18 knife-wielders


In Bengaluru, 18 people, including 13 underage boys, were detained for wielding swords and machetes during Milab-Un-Nabi celebrations in the city. Police took action immediately after a video clip showing the celebration went viral on social media.

Police told NDTV: “18 people, including minors, have been detained. They participated in celebrations and wielded dangerous weapons. They have no criminal background and appear to have been affected by various recent events. They will be Arrest and present before sentence. Court.”

Police further stated: “While adults will be referred to judicial custody, minors will be referred to juvenile custody. They have been charged under the Arms Act for unlawful assembly, disturbance of public peace and various other parts of the IPC. register. [Indian Penal Code]. ”

Sharing details of the incident, Deputy Police Commissioner P Krishnakant said: “This incident did not take place during any event. It happened after the parade when some people went to the inner area of ​​Someshwara Nagar and danced to the music, waving arms.”

Asked if police were selectively opposed to the display of weapons and weapons at religious events, the DCP dismissed that view, saying: “It’s not like that. Whenever we get any specific information, we take action. Even in the recent Ganpati procession, some were booked under the Arms Act.”

A right-wing group in Karnataka sparked controversy last week with a mass rally. About 10,000 participants, many brandishing swords and chanting slogans, even saw police walking beside them. The Karnataka minister and the MLA of the ruling BJP were also seen among the rally participants. Several people took to social media to demand action against the wielding of swords by the rally participants.

However, police told NDTV that no action was taken against the rally organisers as there were no complaints.

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