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PM Modi's veiled attack on ex-PM Jawaharlal Nehru over Kashmir

PM Modi also said that “Urban Naxals” had tried to stop Sardar Patel’s dream project. (document)


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday that Sardar Vallabhbhai had Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel solved the merger of other princely states, but “one man” cannot solve Kashmir.

Speaking at a rally in Gujarat’s Anand district ahead of state assembly elections at the end of this year, Prime Minister Modi said he was able to resolve the long-unresolved Kashmir issue as he was following India’s first home minister, Sardar Patt. Er’s footsteps.

PM Modi also said that “Urban Naxals” had tried to block the Sardar Sarovar dam dream project in Sardar Patel.

The term “Urban Nassar” is often used by some parts of the political spectrum to describe sympathizers of the Maoist cause as well as certain social activists.

“Sadar sahb Convince all princely nations to merge with India. But another person has dealt with this Kashmir issue,” PM Modi said, without naming India’s first prime minister.

“When I follow in Sardar’s footsteps sahbI have the values ​​of Sardar land, that’s why I solve Kashmir and pay tribute to Sardar Patel,” Prime Minister Modi said.

Prime Minister Modi speaks at a public meeting organised by the BJP in Vallabh Vidyanagar in Anand region.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi further took aim at the former Congress government in Gujarat saying that while they built dams, they did not build a network of canals to transport water.

“They built dams to Dashan (Performance)? ‘ asked the Prime Minister, adding that he took over the job and completed it within 20 years.

“With water everywhere, agricultural products in Gujarat have grown by 9 to 10 percent,” he said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said that “Urban Naxals” are trying to block the Sardar Sarovar dam dream project in Sardar Patel. The matter is mired in litigation.

“They wasted 40 to 50 years of our time, running us from pillar to post in the courts, wasting money of the poor in Gujarat. Today, Sardar Saheb’s dream, the Sardar Sarovar dam is completed,” he said.

Speaking to BJP staff, Prime Minister Modi said if they could talk to these MPs, ask them if they have ever visited the tallest statue of unity in the world built in memory of Sardar Patel.

“It’s been decades since Sardar Saheb passed away, now showing some generosity and bowing at Sardar Saheb’s feet. They wouldn’t do that…” he said.

The prime minister said his party, the BJP, was determined to ensure Sardar Patel was given his due, even in the face of the opposition. Today, the people of Gujarat have been working hard to honour Sardar Saheb and the BJP is proud of that,” he said.

He said the unity statue of Ekta Nagar (Kevadia) is the pride of the world.

Not only the statue of unity, the prime minister said, his government has also developed the historic Dandy procession route to honour Mahatma Gandhi.

“Those who have been in politics in Gandhi’s name for decades did not think of improving the route of Dandiatra and we took over the task. We developed the whole route and created new jobs. By building a modern highway Over 400 kilometers, we ran a campaign to introduce the Satyagrah to a new generation,” he said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the BJP government had doubled Gujarat’s electricity production in 20 years.

“After I went to Delhi (to become prime minister), many villages got electricity. In Gujarat, we finished the work of electrifying every village and house,” he said.

The Gujarat BJP has become synonymous with service, security, peace, the best environment for trade and business, and freedom from riots.

“This trust (placed by the people) is helping the BJP flag fly in every corner of India,” he said.

(Apart from the title, this story was unedited by NDTV staff and was posted from a syndicated feed.)

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