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WATCH: Amit Shah stops speech during 'Azaan' in Kashmir to big applause

Amit Shah stopped his speech after hearing ‘Azan’ at a mosque near Kashmir today

Balamura, Jammu and Kashmir:

Union Home Minister Amit Shah briefly stopped his speech at a rally in Jammu and Kashmir’s Baramura district today as an “Azaan” or Muslim call to prayer was being held at a nearby mosque.

Five minutes into his half-hour-long speech at the Showkat Ali Stadium in North Kashmir, Amit Shah stopped to ask those on the stage, “Did something happen to the mosque?”

When someone on stage told him that “Azaan” was in the works, Amit Shah immediately stopped his speech, prompting huge applause and chanting slogans in his favor.

Moments later, he said the calls for prayer had now ceased and asked if he could continue his speech.

“Should I continue my speech? Say it out loud and I should continue my speech,” he asked the rally. Then he continued his speech.


Earlier, shortly after his arrival, Amit Shah started his speech ahead of a massive rally in Baramullah, Kashmir, where people lined up for the home minister to speak.


Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoji Singhe and Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) Minister of State Jitend Singh, who were also on stage, did not speak at the rally.

(Apart from the title, this story was unedited by NDTV staff and was posted from a syndicated feed.)

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