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indian cricket icon, Virat Kohli, has truly established his reputation as one of the best hitters in the world. Kohli has won fans around the world with his bat performance. But Kohli isn’t just investing in cricket. The talismanic batsman also owns a restaurant chain called “One8 Commune”, his latest branch to open in Mumbai.

In a video on YouTube, Kohli takes fans on a tour of his new restaurant in Juhu. But what makes his project unique is that the restaurant opened in an old bungalow of legendary singer Kishore Kumar.

The Bungalow (Gauri Kunj) belongs to Kishore Kumar, a singer Kohli has long expressed admiration for. In the video, Kohli explains why he wants to open a restaurant in Gauri Kunj and the thinking behind his intention to convey this vibe with this initiative.

“It was the late Kishore Da’s bungalow. It actually matched our concept perfectly,” Kohli says as he talks to actor Manish Paul in the video.

Manish Paul then told an interesting story where he said a boy was once asked if he wanted to be left alone on the island and who he wanted to be with. The boy’s answer was Kishoreda. That boy was Virat Kohli.

“Is this a form of expression? (getting Kishore Da’s bungalow),” Manish asked.

“I do believe it, but I don’t think anything that happens is a coincidence. It’s all a coincidence. His songs really touched me personally. If they were still alive, the people I wanted to meet, I would always I mean Kishore Da, because he’s charismatic,” Kohli responded.

“If I can’t get involved, I’m not getting involved in anything. If I’m involved with something, I need to get involved. You’ve invested your time and your part. I want to do that. We have a lot of focus, especially food,” he added.


Watch the video here…

Kohli, who has a few years left in his cricketing career, is already planning his life beyond the 22-yard zone with passion.

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