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'It's scary': Bengaluru man receives Rs 2.2 lakh repair estimate for car worth Rs 1.1 lakh

Netizens criticized the service center for exploiting customers.

In a bizarre incident, a Bengaluru-based car owner recently revealed that a service centre estimated it would cost him Rs 1.1 million to repair a Volkswagen Polo hatchback at Rs 2.2 lakh.

take LinkedIn, Anirudh Ganesh, Product Manager at Amazon, shared his experience. He said his car was damaged in recent floods in Bengaluru. It was completely submerged in floodwater, and he took the car to Volkswagen Apple Cars in Whitefield.

“I had to push my car onto a trailer in waist-deep water at 11pm. No one could help but we middle-class guys were strong. Karlete hai kisi tarah,” Mr Ganesh wrote on LinkedIn road.

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However, he said his nightmare was far from over and about 20 days later, the service centre sent him a repair estimate of Rs 2.2 lakh. Mr Ganesh then contacted his insurer, Acko, who told him the car would be written off as a total loss and that they would take it back from a repair shop.

But to his surprise, the service centre asked him to pay Rs 44,840 to retrieve his vehicle from them. The Volkswagen repair shop told Mr Ganesh that the fee was required to issue documents about the damage to the car.

Thankfully, though, Volkswagen resolved the issue after Mr. Ganesh sent another email. The company decided to settle the repair costs at Rs 5,000.

“The Volkswagen India team (Mr Sumanth and Ms Poonam) has spoken and said that in this case the owner’s estimated/storage price in a total loss scenario will be capped at Rs 5000. I hope this information is helpful to you Help everyone,” Mr Ganesh Add to. He also said that he finally got his car back on September 26.

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Me Ganesh wrote on LinkedIn: “Dealers also make sure all other customers are priced the same, as I understand VW is now charging the same in Bengaluru.”

Meanwhile, some netizens responded to his post by criticizing the service center for exploiting customers. “How can you charge an appraisal fee? I mean how do I decide if I want to proceed or not? Isn’t that what you are doing for your business???” wrote one user. “This is horrible. Crony capitalism doesn’t respect consumer protection?” added another.

Some users also shared their experiences with dealers. “Having a similar experience in a Volkswagen showroom in my city, I can feel your pain,” one user wrote.

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