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With Mallikarjun Kharge, Gandhi shows old habits die hard

Congress President Election: Mallikarjun Kharge contested the Congress President election today. (document)

New Delhi:

A day after announcing that he would run for Congress president, Digvijaya Singh announced today that he would withdraw.The decision is based on Mallikarjun Kharge candidate With Gandhi’s support.

“Halgeji is my leader and my senior. Yesterday I asked him if he wanted to participate in the competition and he said no. Today I met him again and I told him that if you participate in the competition, I will fully support you. I Wouldn’t have thought of competing.” Against him. He is submitting nominations and I will be his proposer,” said Digvijaya Singh, 75.

Digwijaya Singh did not meet current Congress president Sonia Gandhi before announcing her decision to run for her office. This is not an act of snubbing or defiance, like Ashok Gallot. Instead, the source explained that Digvijaya Singh had always known that his role was to act as a “fake candidate” until Gandhi decided their options.

Their initial vote went to Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gallot. But the proposal came when Mr Gallott was flatly told that he would have to give up his job as chief minister of Rajasthan during his presidency – Mr Gallott has been urged to stand for election on several occasions, including by Sonia Multiple elections including Gandhi. For Gandhi, it was a quick fix to a long-standing problem in the desert state: Sachin Pilot, 45, owes the chief minister a shot that the party paid when it won the state in 2018. He promised. Moving Ashok Gehlot to Delhi, Gandhi will have a trusted aide as party boss and appoint Sachin Pilot as head of the Rajasthan government. Two birds with one stone.

Except Ashok Gehlot refused to play. So in Jaipur, 92 MLAs threatened to resign in support of him. Their conditions are clear: Sachin Pilot cannot be the chief minister under any circumstances. Ashok Gehlot wanted to pick his replacement, and Sachin Pilot didn’t have a long list.

The Gandhi family faces a double whammy: the open revolt of a veteran and trusted loyalist, and the prospect of a shaky government in one of the few states still run by Congress.

Ashok Gallot met Sonia Gandhi last night and was remorseful. He said he had apologised to her for taking a “moral responsibility” for the “indiscipline” of the Rajasthan Congress’ priorities, that he would not run for president and that Sonia Gandhi would alone decide whether he would remain chief minister. The comments provided face to “High Command”.

Today, Ashok Gehlot reaffirmed his allegiance to the central leadership of Congress and said he would be one of those who proposed the naming of Mallikarjun Kharge as president. More salve to soothe the slow burn he inflicted.

Shashi Tharoor, unfazed by the fact that his opponent has the support of the only significant part of the party, has submitted the nomination today, so his bid is now official. This is an important symbolic move to push Congress to exercise options rather than orders.

However, it is understood that accepting orders will be the remit of Mallikarjun Kharge, who is near certain to be elected. Sources say Gandhi’s “parallel center of power” will be calling the shots and will frustrate Shashi Tharoor’s goal of allowing voices of all kinds operational transparency. For Congress, this is not a step forward, but a lot of steps backward.

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