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Ashok Gehlot arrived in Delhi late last night to meet the President of Congress.

New Delhi:
Ashok Gehlot said today that he will not run for Congress president, taking “moral responsibility” for the MLA loyal to him insurgency in Rajasthan. He also said he had apologised to Sonia Gandhi for the Rajasthan crisis.

Here are 10 developments from the big story

  1. Despite the massive and embarrassing revolt, without his support, Ashok Gehlot managed to keep his Rajasthan Chief Minister position through his vile apology. However, Mr Gallot said it was up to Mrs Gandhi to decide whether he would remain chief minister. More than 90 MLAs have threatened to resign en masse amid reports that Mr Gehlot will be replaced by Rajasthan rival Sachin Pilot if he runs for Congress president.

  2. Ashok Gehlot’s withdrawal from the race for Congress presidency means that a third candidate to receive Gandhi’s blessing will soon be nominated. Nominations for non-Gandhi candidates for the first parliamentary election in more than two decades will close tomorrow.

  3. So far, this is Digvijaya Singh vs Shashi Tharoor in the October 17 election. The pair will submit their nominations tomorrow.

  4. Digvijaya Singh met Shashi Tharoor after announcing his decision to compete. Sharing a photo of the two embracing, Mr Tharoor tweeted: “I welcome his candidacy for the chairmanship of our party. We all agree that ours is not a battle between rivals but a friendly rivalry between colleagues . . . What we all want is that no matter who wins, Congress will win!”

  5. Ashok Gehlot was considered Gandhi’s first choice for Congress president until a rebellion by Rajasthan MPs loyal to him jeopardized his chances.

  6. The MLA put conditions on two central leaders, Ajay Maken and Mallikarjun Kharge, who in their report to Sonia Gandhi described the rebellion as a “serious breach of discipline”. Three ministers close to Mr Gallot were given 10 days to explain their role in planning the rebellion.

  7. Mr Gehlot claimed there was a “motivated attempt to label him a rebel” in the case of “the BJP and some vested interests”.

  8. Congress wants Mr Gallot to resign as Rajasthan chief minister before running for Congress president. He was also told that he must respect the leadership’s choice of who will succeed him in Rajasthan.

  9. Even when running for leadership, Mr Gallot wanted to retain his role in Rajasthan. Rahul Gandhi made it clear last week that this was impossible because the party would stick to its “one man, one position” determination.

  10. It is also possible that Sonia Gandhi will meet Sachin Pilot, who has been waiting for the post of chief minister but was almost blocked by the Gallot team.

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