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Actors Nikki Tamboli, Sofia Singh visit prison to recreate meeting with Conman

Nikki Tamboli and Sofia Singh taken to Tihar Prison to recreate meeting with crooks

New Delhi:

A Delhi police team brought two actresses into Tihar jail to “recreate” their meeting with con man Sukesh Chandrashekhar as part of an investigation into a Rs 2 billion extortion case, officials said on Monday.

Police said that since Chandrashekar was jailed, the prison had become the center of his illegal activities with the help of prison officials.

As part of an ongoing investigation, a team from Delhi Police’s Economic Crime Unit brought actresses Nikki Tamboli and Sofia Singh to Central No. 1 Prison in Tihar on Saturday to “recreate” their relationship with “liars”, a senior police officer said meeting.

Chandra Sheikh, who is currently in jail, is accused of defrauding various people, including high-profile figures such as Aditi Singh, wife of former Fortis healthcare promoter Shivinder Mohan Singh.

So far, EOW has questioned Bollywood actors Jacqueline Fernandez and Nora Fattahi, as well as former TV anchor Pinky Irani and stylist Leepakshi Ellawadi, officials said.

During his stay in Tihar, many people, including celebrities, arrived at the prison in limousines and entered the prison by saying they met Chandra Shekhar there, the official said.

Officials said Turnberry had appeared in several reality TV shows, while Singh had appeared in Hindi and Telegu films.

Police said they also completed videotaping of the entire conference entertainment.

“Many people have visited Chandra Shekhar inside the prison. However, we are only subpoenaing those who are relevant to our investigation. Currently, Chandra Shekhar is being held in Mandoli Prison,” the official said.

Police Special Commissioner (Crime) Ravindra Yadav said: “We are conducting a thorough investigation into the case, which is why we have recreated the scene where the actress meets Chandraskar.

“This gives us a clear picture of how this fraud is being carried out. It will help us to prosecute.” The investigation also revealed that Chandrashekar had a proper office inside the prison with a TV, sofa, carpet and other amenities facility. Another officer said it looked like his office, not a prison.

“Prison security was threatened. Limousines used to enter the prison after visitors claimed they would meet Sukesh. Those who would meet Chandrashekar had no security checks. He had so much money that he spent thousands on prison officials. No one has stopped him since he bribed prison officials,” he added.

Most of the time, police said, Chandra Shekhar introduced himself as a business tycoon, film producer or TV channel owner from the South and lured actors by taking roles in “his upcoming movies.”

The investigation into the case is still ongoing, they said, and so far, no innocence has been made against any of the actors involved in the case.

“The investigation also revealed that Chandrashekhar also contacted other actors with the same modus operandi. The two actors were introduced to the so-called scammers through Pinki Irani, who had been interrogated by the EOW team,” the official said.

He added that these illegal activities of Chandrashekhar and his actions were carried out with the participation of senior prison officials.

“We are investigating the roles of these prison officers working for Chandraskehar. Six Tihar prison officers have been arrested under the Maharashtra Organised Crime Control Act. The roles of other prison officers are under review,” the official said .

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