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The protest was led by Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU)-Charuni.

New Delhi:

Protests by farmers in Kurukshetra, Haryana state, which began on Friday morning, led to heavy traffic jams on a major national highway at night, with hundreds of protesters blocking roads and hundreds of cars — mostly trucks and other long-distance vehicles — — Trapped near Shahbad. The police were seen negotiating with union leaders, but even by midnight, the time to file this report, the farmers were not giving in.

The highway connects Delhi and Chandigarh – through Haryana from one end to the other – and then further to Shimla and other parts of Himachal Pradesh.

Farmers demanding early purchases of paddy have blocked the highway near the town of Shahbad amid fears of moisture and rain damaging the grain. They say they don’t have storage space, so the state government should move ahead with the procurement date.


Around 9pm on Friday, police tried to persuade farmers to end the lockdown.

Protesters led by Bharatiya Kisan Union-Charuni also said hundreds of quintals of grain markets in Ambala, Kaithal and other areas were destroyed due to increased “moisture content”, which is also a measure of rice quality. Buy.

Official purchases begin on October 1. But there are also farmers who sow early or use early maturing varieties.

The government has yet to make any commitments.

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