Mamata Banerjee says ‘PM not responsible for businessmen leaving India due to fear of CBI’ as agency is attached to Ministry of Home Affairs – Flying Journals

'Don't think Modi did it': Mamata Banerjee on 'Fear of CBI'


Bangladeshi Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today granted some kind of absolution to Prime Minister Narendra Modi over businessmen fleeing the country under the watchful eye of investigative agencies. She added that the blame should be placed on “the BJP leaders who are conspiring”, noting that the CBI now reports to the Union Home Ministry, which is controlled by Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

“Businessmen are leaving the country and running away. They are running away because of fear and abusing the ED (Enforcement Directorate) and the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation). I believe Modi is not doing that,” she told the assembly during the congress against the CBI. Debate before resolution.

“Unknown to many of you, the CBI no longer reports to the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office). It reports to the Home Office. Some BJP leaders are conspiring and they go to the Nizam Palace regularly,” she added.

“By praising Prime Minister Modi, she cannot save her nephew,” Mr Adhikari said later, referring to senior party leader and MP Abhishek Banerjee, who is undergoing enforcement related to the state’s coal scam interrogation by the Bureau.

Bangladesh, by passing a resolution in parliament against the CBI, ED and other federal agencies, has lodged opposition complaints that the centre’s BJP-led government is using the central investigative body against opposition leaders.

The resolution against the excesses of the central agency was passed with 189 votes – 64 MLAs opposed the resolution.

She pointed out that Prime Minister Modi was guilty of listening to his advisers on the issue of the cheetah, which was released with great fanfare on his birthday.

“I advise the prime minister with due respect. They are advising you to stop funding Bangladesh. Why don’t they advise you to stop buying cheetahs? I hoped for the prime minister yesterday. I advised him not to mix party and government…you are trying to control the use of Pegasus country. One day you will be sacrificed. Everyone’s phone will be tracked,” Ms Banerjee added.

But her sharpest attack was reserved for Suvendu Adhikari – her aide turned enemy number one and the BJP’s biggest leader in the state.

She announced the resolution was not meant to condemn anyone, she said it was about “unbiasedness”.
“How many raids have been carried out on your chief’s home?” Ms Banerjee said during a lengthy debate ahead of the vote, targeting Mr Adhikari, who is wanted in several corruption cases.

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