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'Don't': Joe Biden warns Vladimir Putin not to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine

Joe Biden said the U.S. response would be “significant.” (document)


U.S. President Joe Biden urged Russian President Vladimir Putin not to use tactical or chemical weapons after a setback in Ukraine in an interview with CBS News that aired Sunday.

This week, Ukrainian troops flashed back Russian troops in the country’s northeast, putting Putin under pressure from domestic nationalists to regain the initiative.

Putin has warned that Moscow will respond more forcefully if further pressure is exerted on its military, raising concerns that he may at some point use unconventional means such as small nuclear or chemical weapons.

Asked by a “60 Minutes” reporter what he would say to Putin if he considered using the weapon, Biden said: “No. No. No. This will change the face of war unlike anything since World War II. Two,” in a clip of the interview released Saturday by CBS.

Biden said the U.S. response would be “significant,” but declined to give details. Biden said Russia “will be the pariah of the world more than ever.” “Depending on the extent of what they do will determine what the reaction will be.”

Russian government officials have dismissed Western suggestions that Moscow will use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine, but some in the West remain concerned.

In his February 24 speech announcing the invasion of Ukraine, Putin implicitly but unmistakably warned that he could respond with nuclear weapons if the West intervened in what he called “special military operations.”

“Whoever tries to obstruct us or create a threat to our country and people, they must know that Russia will respond immediately and the consequences will be like nothing you have ever seen in your history,” he said, translating to the Kremlin.

Putin’s other options could include mobilizing Russia’s reserves of some 2 million people and freezing the region by banning all energy exports this winter, pressuring Europe to force Ukraine to strike a ceasefire with Russia.

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