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Gujarat beat Maharashtra in a tight race to win the site for the factory.


Shiv Sena leader Aaditya Thackeray said today that Maharashtra lost hundreds of thousands of jobs “just because of the government’s incompetence and ignorance”, accusing Maharashtra Industry Minister Udaysa Mant “lost” 170,000 jobs in two projects that cost the state “the most”. He had earlier said that the former Maha Vikas Aghadi government of Maharashtra tried very hard to win Vedanta-Foxconn project.

“They need to answer the people today more than anyone,” he said, lashing out at the state’s government led by Eknath Shinde.

Gujarat recently invested Rs 1.54 crore in India’s first semiconductor factory. Mining group Vedanta and Taiwanese electronics manufacturing giant Foxconn have decided to jointly build the plant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Gujarat beat Maharashtra in a tight race to win the site for the factory.

“My only concern is that the total ignorance of this new industry minister and chief minister has caused Maharashtra to lose two major projects and hundreds of thousands of jobs in our state,” the young Senna led Man had to step down after his father and former chief minister Uddhav Thackeray publicly rebelled over his 40 MLAs, told NDTV.

Aditya Thackeray said the state government must focus on Airbus-Tata’s ambitious project to produce military aircraft in Maharashtra. “It has to come to Nagpur and we hope they will at least push that,” he added.

When asked if earlier projects such as the Diamond Centre project in Surat, Gujarat had moved to Gujarat, if the move to Gujarat was related to the upcoming parliamentary elections, he said that would require analysis by the media and the state. “As far as I know, Hundreds of thousands of jobs are lost in Maharashtra today simply because of the government’s incompetence and ignorance,” he said.

Vedanta and Foxconn will build India’s first semiconductor manufacturing plant, a display factory and a semiconductor assembly and testing unit in Ahmedabad.

Semiconductor chips, or microchips, are an essential part of many digital consumer products—from automobiles to cell phones and ATM cards.

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