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Video: Bihar thief dangles from train window as passenger grabs weapon

On a moving train in Bihar, a passenger hangs a snatcher from the window.


A man who tried to snatch his phone from a train passenger through a window ended up in a nightmare – dangling outside the car, apologizing, passenger pulling his arm, helping him live but also blaming he. The September 14 video is from Bihar, where looting through train windows is regularly reported.

The man tried his hand near Sahebpur Kamal station near the end of the train’s journey from Begusarai to Khagaria. But an alert passenger grabbed his arm. As the train moved, he pleaded to let him go, eventually sliding his other arm in through the window rail, allowing passengers to lift him up.

His journey lasted about 10 kilometers and he was finally released when the train approached Khagaria. Locals told reporters he fled. There is no information on whether police have taken any action.

While the thief missed out, another man who went viral in June was quicker and more successful — some on the internet dubbed him “the new Spider-Man.” The video, also filmed inside a train in Bihar state, shows a pickpocket perched on a bridge and grabbing a passenger’s wallet from a window.

Also in June, also near the Katihar railway station in Bihar state, a policewoman was pulled from a moving train in a similar snatch attempt that eventually resulted in a serious injury to a policewoman.

Police officer Aarti Kumari, stationed in Nawada, was standing near the door with a mobile phone when the train slowed down near the station when looters attacked. She resisted, and the man pulled her out.

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