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Mr Chidambaram said Rahul Gandhi was already a leader because Congress workers recognised him as a leader.

New Delhi:

Congress’s P Chidambaram today brushed off the possibility of an opposition front without Congress, insisting that all other parties are “One Nation” and will not be able to secure more than 48 seats. Against the backdrop of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s efforts to build an opposition front against the BJP in the 2024 general election, Mr Chidambaram said in an interview with NDTV: “Political leaders are welcome to make their own efforts. …but arithmetic stares at the face”.

“Apart from the BJP and Congress, no party in India is expected to get more than 48 seats. They are all One Nation parties,” he told NDTV in an exclusive interview.

In the opposition, “only Congress can win a sizable seat. Without Congress, the opposition front is like Hamlet without the Danish prince,” he added in Shakespeare’s allusion.

Mr Kumar met Rahul Gandhi on Monday, the first on a list of leaders he intends to meet in Delhi. The two leaders have discussed the possibility of uniting the opposition ahead of the 2024 election, sources said.

In Kanyakumari today, Mr Gandhi announced the party’s massive mass engagement programme ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’, as part of which he will travel to Kashmir on foot – a journey of almost 150 days in 12 states.

Asked about Congress making rallies a plan to engage with the people rather than a political move by 2024, Mr Chidambaram acknowledged that anything a party does has a political value.

“This rally is politically important. That is, it’s about making people aware that this country is heading for a disaster” and making them aware of the need for unity, he said.

Asked if this was another effort to restart Rahul Gandhi ahead of next month’s party elections, Mr Chidambaram said Mr Gandhi was already a leader as ordinary workers in Congress “Recognize and accept Rahul Gandhi” as leader”.

“Whether the leader will become Congress president I can’t say. But he is the leader. Congress president cannot be decided by anyone other than the workers in the party. The workers have to decide and they know very well what they think is Rahul Gandhi,” he added. Say.

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