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Diamond League Finals 2022: Neeraj Chopra takes first place with best pitch of 88.44m© AFP

Diamond League Finals 2022 Highlights: Neeraj Chopra added another feather to his cap by finishing first in the Diamond League final in Zurich on Thursday. As a result, he became the first Indian to win the Diamond League trophy. The javelin ace got a throw of 88.44 meters on his second attempt, which was enough to win the game for himself. The remaining five entrants proved not in contention for the Tokyo Olympics gold medalist, and in the end, he locked the game fairly well. Neeraj had a throw of 88.44m in his second attempt, followed by 88.44m in his third attempt and 86.11m in his fourth attempt. Neeraj’s fifth attempt was 87m and his last was 83.6m. Earlier, Chopra made a stunning comeback by earning a one-month injury suspension from the Diamond League Lausanne race and qualifying for the two-day final. He became the first Indian to win the Diamond League title. He missed the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham (July 28-August 8) due to a minor groin injury when he won silver at the US World Championships in July.

The 24-year-old Indian superstar threw his spear to 890,800 metres in his first attempt to seal the victory in style on July 26 in Lausanne, hitting state immediately. It looked like the injury didn’t happen at all as he produced his third career-best effort.

The Diamond League consists of 32 Diamond disciplines in a tournament-style format. Athletes earn points across 13 series to qualify for finals in their respective disciplines. The winner of each diamond event in the final will be crowned the “Diamond League Champion”.

Here are some highlights from Neeraj Chopra’s Diamond League final in Zurich:

  • 01:14 (IST)

    Niraji Chopra wins! !

    Niraj did it! He won the Diamond League trophy with a best throw of 88.44m in his second attempt.

  • 00:55 (IST)

    Neeraj’s 5th attempt is 87.00m

    Neeraj Chopra recorded a throw of 87m in his fifth attempt. He was still in the lead with just one set of throws left before the game was over. Neeraj is so close to script history

  • 00:44 (IST)

    Neeraj’s fourth attempt 86.11m

    Neeraj Chopra threw 86.11m in his fourth attempt and he was clearly in the lead, just two shots away from becoming the first Indian to win the Diamond League final

  • 00:31 (IST)

    Neeraj’s 3rd attempt is 88.00m

    On his third attempt, Neeraj had a throw of 88.00m. He is still in the lead. With 3 pitches left, can Neeraj hold on?

  • 00:16 (IST)

    Neeraj throws 88.44 meters to lead

    On his second attempt, Neeraj Chopra had a throw of 88.44m and he is now in the lead!

  • 00:11 (IST)

    Can Neeraj change his fate in his second attempt?

    Neeraj Chopra is looking to change his fortunes on his second attempt.

  • 00:02 (IST)

    Neeraj Chopra disqualified on first attempt

    Neeraj Chopra’s first attempt disqualified! Not an ideal start for Neeraj!

  • 00:01 (IST)

    Jakub Vadlejch records a throw of 84.15m

    In his first attempt, Jakub Vadlejch recorded a throw of 84.15m! Neeraj Chopra Next!

  • 00:00 (IST)

    The actual combat begins! !

    Patricks Galiums’ first throw was 80.44m, while Julian Weber’s first throw was 79.16m

  • 23:45 (IST)

    Only about 10 minutes from the live show

    The live show is now only 10 minutes away. Stay tuned!

  • 23:32 (IST)

    The reality show is about to start

    Live performances will take place soon. Stay tuned.. All hope from Neeraj, can he deliver under pressure?

  • 23:22 (IST)

    Niraghi has second-best pitching this season

    Among the finalists, Neeraj had the second-best pitch of the season with 89.94, while Jakub Vadlejch of the Czech Republic had the best pitch of the season with 90.88m

  • 23:16 (IST)

    Can Neeraj write history?

    If Neeraj ends up winning the Zurich final, he will become the first Indian to win the Diamond League Finals title. Can he write history?

  • 23:10 (IST)

    What is the lineup for the Diamond League Finals?

    Here is the lineup for the Diamond League final:

    Jakub Vadlejch of the Czech Republic

    Julian Weber of Germany

    Niraji Chopra of India

    Patricks Galiums of Latvia

    Leandro Ramo of Portugal

    Curtis Thompson of America

  • 22:59 (IST)

    When can you watch Neeraj Chopra live

    Neeraj Chopra’s Diamond League final can be streamed live on Sports 18 and Voot.

    All the streaming details you can read here
  • 22:57 (IST)

    Who will be Neeraj’s biggest competitor?

    Neeraj’s biggest rival will be 2016 Diamond League champion Jakub Vadlejch as his season best throw is 90.88m. So beating him will require a huge effort from Neeraj.

  • 22:50 (IST)

    Can Neeraj break the 90m mark?

    Neeraj Chopra is also looking to break the 90m mark and it will be interesting to see if he finally sets a new national record.

  • 22:46 (IST)

    Live performance starts at 11:50pm

    Live performances at the Neeraj Chopra event will begin at 11:50pm IST. Stay tuned for exciting events in Zurich.

  • 22:40 (IST)

    Can Neeraj write another incredible chapter?

    Chopra recovered from a month-long injury to win the Diamond League Lausanne and qualify for the two-day final. He now hopes to go all the way in the final and cement his place in history.

  • 22:39 (IST)

    Hello, welcome!

    Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Diamond League Finals in Zurich. All eyes are on Neeraj Chopra and whether he can become a Diamond League champion.

    Live performances will begin at 11:50pm. stay tuned.

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