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Viral video: Elephant damages car to scratch itself, internet splits

The location of the incident is unclear.

A horrific and hilarious video showing a wild elephant rubbing its body on a car in the middle of the road has gone viral on the internet. Buitengebieden shared the video on Twitter on Tuesday, which has racked up more than 2.3 million views and more than 46,000 likes.

“What do you do when you’re itchy and you’re an elephant?” the title of the post has been read.

Watch the video below:

In the clip, the wild elephant can be seen coming out of the road through the forest. A few seconds later, the giant ivory was seen rubbing itself against the vehicle.

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At first, it tried to climb onto the car’s tire with one foot. After that, he tried to sit on the hood of the quad. Fang even climbed onto the car and descended while breaking the vehicle’s front and side mirrors. The damage to the car by the giant elephant can be seen at the end of the video.

The clip has divided internet users since it was shared. “I’m imagining explaining this to the insurance company,” one user wrote jokingly. Another said, “Who can’t believe an elephant scratched its butt in their car? Haha.”

A third commented: “I would be scared at the same time and break a rib just to not laugh”, while a fourth hilariously added, “The elephant is using the car as toilet paper”.

The location of the incident is unclear.

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Meanwhile, another video from earlier Elephants walk in the hospital surfaced online. Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda tweeted a close-up of two wild elephants venturing inside the Binnaguri Barracks Hospital. The office of BJP vice-president Dilip Ghosh also shared a video on Twitter of a tusk passing through a door and squeezing his massive body into a hallway.

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