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Viral video: "beer mug girl" Return to the U.S. Open

Meghan is lucky to be at the 2022 US Open.

Remember last year’s beer-drinking sensation on social media after drinking it at the U.S. Open? Well, she’s back. At the 2022 US Open, the American woman delighted the crowd around her with another beer. What’s more, you ask? She also received a standing ovation Friday night and became a viral sensation again.

In a video released Sunday morning at the U.S. Open, Ms. Lucky swallowed a beer mug as the camera focused on her. “It seems to be becoming tradition at this point,” the U.S. Open’s Twitter account wrote along with Megan Lackey’s chug video. This video is a compilation of her efforts in 2022 and 2021.

Check out the video released by the U.S. Open:

The “beer chug” girl also shared photos of her outing. “Some assholes named Serena stole my thunder, @usopen posted the tape!!” one of her Instagram posts said shortly after the video was made public on the US Open.


Social media users were impressed with her beer-drinking abilities, putting several emojis and comments on the post. “She needs to get free tickets for at least five years,” one user wrote. “She’ll make a great beer business model!” Another wrote, “Give her a medal!” said another.

The lucky lady became an internet sensation in 2021 after sipping a beer at the 2021 US Open. Lucky has 35,800 followers on her Instagram account.

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