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Day 3 floods in Bengaluru - power outage, water hits: 10 points

Bengaluru rain: Second flood in a week sparks unplanned urbanisation

Several areas of Bengaluru remain flooded after torrential rains, exposing the devastation wrought by unplanned developments in the fast-growing city.

Here are 10 updates on the big story

  1. On the third day of the flood, several areas remained flooded. Traffic movement has slowed as some major roads are flooded.

  2. A large IT centre has been flooded for the second time in a week, leading to bizarre scenes of people boarding tractors and cranes to travel to workplaces through flooded roads.

  3. A 23-year-old woman was electrocuted yesterday on a flooded road, news agency ANI reported. Akhila, who works in school administration, was heading home when her scooter slipped. She tried to grab a telephone pole and was electrocuted.

  4. Urban waterlogging has become the focus of the consequences of unplanned urbanization. The Bengaluru municipal body has identified 500 stormwater drains that are now choking the city.

  5. Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai blamed the state’s previous JDS-Congress government for the situation. “This happened because of unplanned management by the previous Congress government. They gave permission to the right, left and centre of the lake and buffer zone,” the chief minister said, according to news agency ANI.

  6. The chief minister said that Rs 1,500 crore has been allocated to drain the city. “Another Rs 300 crore has been allocated to eliminate encroachment,” he said, adding that the state government will ensure that drainage points are not blocked by encroachment.

  7. Power outages were reported in several areas. Water was cut off in some places after a pump house in Mandia was flooded. The chief minister said the pump room was being cleaned. He said 8,000 boreholes will provide water to the affected areas. In areas where there are no drill holes, water will be supplied via tankers.

  8. The chief minister said earlier that 430 homes were completely damaged in the floods and another 2,188 were partially damaged. About 225 kilometers of roads, bridges, culverts and utility poles were also damaged.

  9. The central team will arrive in the city tonight to study the storm and flood situation and “will submit a memorandum, after which the government will hold a meeting with members of the team,” the chief minister said.

  10. The Meteorological Department is forecasting heavy rain in the southern and northern interior of Karnataka for the next four days. The state had already received 144% excess rainfall in the last week of August, and 51% in the first five days of the month. This is Karnataka’s heaviest rainfall in 42 years.

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