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Woman puts 10-month-old baby on ground, jumps into water and saves drowning man

Rabina Kanjar goes out to fetch water when she sees man drowning


A 25-year-old man drowned in a swollen canal in Madhya Pradesh thanks to a woman who bravely put her 10-month-old son on the ground before jumping into the water and pulling him to safety, he said Nearly escape. However, the man’s friend could not be rescued.

Rabina Kanjar, in her 30s, was out fetching water on Thursday. She holds her 10-month-old baby in her arms. At the tap near the canal, two people were thinking about how to cross the river.

Raju Ahirwar, 25, a resident of Kadhaiyakala village in Bhopal district, and his friend Jitendra Ahirwar travelled to the neighbouring village of Khajuria on Thursday to spray the fields with pesticides, said local police chief BP Singh.

It rained heavily that afternoon, and on the way back, the two found that the canal separating the two villages was blocked. Their friends on the other side asked them not to cross the line. They also tried to throw the keys to the bike so the pair could take another route to their village. However, the key did not reach the other side and disappeared into the turbulent water.

Ignoring each other’s warnings, the two decided to travel through. All this time, Rabina watched. She knew Raju and warned them not to wade into the water.

However, the two did not have the mood to stop and continued onward. As soon as they stepped into the canal, they lost their balance in the swift current and began to drown.

Raju then shouted, “DiDi, DiDi”, desperately sending a distress signal to Rabina. Hearing the cries, she put her 10-month-old on the ground and jumped into the water. She pulled Raju to safety and then also tried to save Jitendra, but failed. The next day, Jitendra’s body was pulled from the canal by divers pulled by the district administration.

Speaking to the media, Rabina said: “He was yelling ‘Didi Bachao’. I didn’t think much of it. He was from my village, I knew him. I knew swimming and I was sure I would save him. I tried also Saved another person, but failed.”

Police have given the woman a cash reward for her bravery. Rabina’s brother was involved in a police-led rescue operation. He was also rewarded.

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