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Video: Swing crashes in crowded bazaar in Punjab, children injured

Police said the cause was unclear and an investigation was underway.

A high-rise swing with many people, including children, crashed at a crowded bazaar at the Dussehra grounds in Mohari, Punjab, on Sunday, police said.

Video of the event is going viral, and the swing can be seen spinning and slowly rising. It stopped high and continued to spin, but instead of slowly descending, the swing fell freely, injuring several people, including children. The incident happened around 9.15pm on Sunday at Stage 8 in Mohari.

Many people were seen swayed from their chairs into the air by the impact and a loud bang was heard, causing panic.

The organizers of the show were given permission to hold the event until Sept. 4, but a committee was set up on site to notify the extension of the deadline, citing Sept. 11 as the deadline, an official said.

“What we have learned so far is that they have permission to organise the show. But if they make a mistake, no one will be spared. Severe measures will be taken according to the law,” said police officer Harsimran Singh Bal.

About 10 to 15 people were injured and taken to a civilian hospital in Mohari.

Instead of helping the injured, people blamed officers for being late, a police official said. The official added that there was no ambulance at the show and that there was some oversight by the organizers.

Police said the cause was not yet known and an investigation was underway.

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