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Sedition case taking off in Jharkhand: BJP MP Nishikant Dubey's big charge against officials

BJP MPs Nishikant Dubey and Manoj Tiwari at Deoghar Airport on 31 August. (CCTV screenshot)

New Delhi/Ranchi:

Sedition and conspiracy charges have now entered the charge against BJP MPs for allegedly forcing their charter flight to take off at Deoghar Airport in Jharkhand. Charged with trespassing, MP Nishikant Dubey claims local police abused and threatened to kill his two sons “at the request of Deputy Commissioner Manjunath Bhajantri”. He has justified his family’s entry into the area, saying they “bring my slippers because I’m walking barefoot”.

In the 31 August incident, Mr Dube and MP Manoj Tiwari were among nine people who allegedly broke into an air traffic control (ATC) area and forcibly obtained a permit after sunset, although the airport was not yet allowed to operate at night. Police said they were charged with trespassing and endangering life in a complaint from airport security chiefs.

Dubey, a Lok Sabha member from Godda who angered him, first got into a Twitter spat with DC, and today a counter case was filed against him and the local police.

The line also has a political background.

When Chief Minister Hemant Soren was disqualified for allegedly granting himself a mining lease, his party, Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, said it was part of a larger game by the BJP to overthrow the government.

MP Nishikant Dubey is seen as the key BJP leader in all of this. He has been calling for a mid-term poll “on moral grounds”.

At the takeoff platoon, in a Twitter exchange, Mr Dube called the district’s chief bureaucrat, DC Bhajantri, the “chamcha” (lacking dog) of the chief minister. Meanwhile, the official wrote to Jharkhand Cabinet Coordination (Civil Aviation) Chief Secretary regarding the takeoff. The congressman, in turn, wrote to the regional police chief, accusing the bureaucracy of getting in the way of his work.

The MPs’ FIR now lays out charges of criminal intimidation, obstruction of a public official, trespass, destruction of evidence and criminal conspiracy, in addition to sedition under the IPC, and charges under the Official Secrets Act.

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