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Lieutenant Governor's Strong Rebuttal on Arvind Kejriwal's Corruption Allegations

New Delhi:

Escalating friction between the Delhi lieutenant governor and the ruling Am Ademi party soared today, with VK Saxena accusing Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of employing “diversionary tactics and false accusations”. The AAP has been at odds over excise tax policy and has accused the lieutenant governor of being involved in corruption during demonetization.

“I call for good governance, zero tolerance for corruption, and better service for the people of Delhi. But unfortunately, Hon’ble CM @ArvindKejriwal Ji resorted to diversionary tactics and false accusations in desperation,” LG said in a statement. read a brief statement posted on Twitter.

Mr Saxena, who has pledged to file a defamation lawsuit against the AAP leader, said he would not be surprised if there were “more such baseless personal attacks” against him and his family in the coming days.

Another tweet read:

The AAP claimed that, as the chairman of the government’s cady agency, LG changed banned notes worth Rs 1,400 crore.

Relations between the AAP and the lieutenant governor, who took office in May, began to falter, with Mr Saxena refusing to grant Singapore access to Mr Kejriwal.

It hit a new low after Mr Saxena sought a report from state officials on excise policy, reprimanded and approved an investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation.

The AAP hit back, accusing Mr Saxena of corruption during his tenure as chairman of the Khadi and Rural Industries Council and asking the CBI to investigate him.

The AAP leader claimed that Rs 2.2 lakh was exchanged at Khadi’s Delhi branch alone and calculated that the scam could involve Rs 14 billion as there are 7,000 branches across the country.

Mr Saxena stressed today that he cannot be prevented from carrying out his duties.

“He (Kejriwal) should know that under no circumstances will I be held back by my constitutional duty. My commitment to improving the lives of the people of Delhi remains unwavering,” he said in a statement.

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