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IIT degrees and those who lack education: Arvind Kejriwal Jabs BJP

Arvind Kejriwal says both of his children are studying at IIT (Indian Institute of Technology)

New Delhi:

Arvind Kejriwal positioned the BJP as a ‘corrupt party’ rather than his ‘kattar imaandar (hardcore honest)’ Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) before he won a vote of confidence in his speech showing his IIT education and his children education.

“I am an ordinary person. I belong to an ordinary middle-class family. I went to the Indian Institute of Technology and did mechanical engineering. Today, whatever I am, it is because I was given an opportunity,” the Delhi chief minister said in a special speech Speaking of Delhi parliamentary session.

Mr Kejriwal said that with both of his children studying at the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), he wanted to “provide the same education to every child in India”.

“Both of my children are studying at the Indian Institute of Technology. My dream is to provide every child in India with the same education as mine. The quality education I get,” he said.

Mr Kejriwal, who plans the AAP as an alternative to the BJP, said there are currently only two parties at the national level – “Kattar Imandar (Stubborn Honest) Party and Kattar Beimaan (Stubbornly Corrupt) Party”.

“An absolutely corrupt party lacks educated people, while a ‘hardcore honest’ party has educated people with real IIT degrees,” he said in a dig at the BJP.

Accusing the BJP of the horse deal, Mr Kejriwal said: “They spend Rs 20-50 crore to buy MLA. If I want to build schools and hospitals, am I doing something wrong?”

The Delhi Parliament has passed Mr Kejriwal’s motion of confidence as five BJP MLAs go on strike after their party colleagues were thrown out of parliament in a row.

The AAP had 62 MLAs at the 70-member General Assembly, with 59 in attendance today.

Mr Kejriwal said the figures clearly showed that the BJP’s attempt to bribe his priorities to change parties and overthrow his government had failed.

The chief minister also said his party’s vote share in Gujarat increased by 4 percent after the CBI attacked his deputy, Manish Sisodia. “If Mr. Sisodia is arrested”, that would be a 2 per cent increase, he said.

“The CBI raided Mr Sisodia, went to his village and searched his bank lockers. CBI officers said they found nothing against him, but they were under pressure to arrest him,” Mr Kejriwal claimed.

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