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Vivek Anand Baskey helps save family help


Suspended Jharkhand BJP leader Seema Patra arrested for allegedly torturing her domestic servant was exposed when her son tipped off a friend who then went to the police station .

Disturbed by the woman’s abuse, Ayushman Patra went to his friend Vivek Anand Baskey, a government official.

On August 2, Vivek Baskey got a frantic call from a friend who said he had a tribal girl in his family who needed rescue.

“It was around midnight on August 2nd, around 1:15am. He called me in a high voice. He told me, Baski, please save the girl. He said Sima Patra was taking A horrible way to attack her. Way,” Vivek Baskey told NDTV.

“The mother also called at the same time, saying that her son, Ayushman, was in a bad mental state and was acting violent and so on. You need to do something,” Mr Baski said.

Upon arriving at their home, Mr Baski said he was not allowed in.

Sima Patra denied having any conversations with Mr Baski.

The friend, now the complainant, claims to have sent her son, Ayushman, to a mental health facility, possibly for her own protection.

But Sunita Khaka, a 29-year-old aide who was beaten, starved and even forced to lick her urine off the floor, said he saved her life.

“As a responsible citizen, it is my moral duty to save that woman,” Mr Baski said.

Ayushman and Vivek Baskey went to engineering college in Ranchi together and reconnected about a decade ago.

Ayushman also shared photos on WhatsApp, which chilled Mr Baski and convinced him to go to the police station to confront a powerful politician.

Mr Baski added: “It got me and my wife talking. This is happening. Ayushman is helpless or something and wants me to save her.”

Home help was rescued on the second attempt.

Sima Patra was arrested this morning, a day after a video of her employees claiming to be subjected to unspeakable torture went viral.

The BJP leader allegedly sent her son to the Ranchi Institute of Neuropsychiatry and Joint Science when she learned that he was trying to help Sunita.

When asked why her son was admitted to hospital, she told NDTV she sent him to hospital because he was unwell.

On whether she sent Ayushman to hospital for exposing her horrific abuse of help, Ms Patra said: “I will answer all questions. You will have to wait.”

She insisted that she was innocent. “I was framed. It’s a political issue,” she said.

“Not at all. We did it very quietly,” Mr Baski said, countering Ms Patra’s allegations, adding that they knew her husband Maheshwar Patra was a retired IAS officer.

When asked how the woman was injured, Ms Patra said: “I am innocent.”

After rescuing the 29-year-old woman from her home in Patras, police took her to the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) for treatment, officials said.

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