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Footage taken from CCTV footage shows the child being taken away.


A 7-month-old boy was stolen next to his sleeping parents at Mathura railway station last week and found 100km away at the home of a BJP company in Firozabad, police said A racket that steals and sells these kids.

Vinita Agarwal of BJP and her husband allegedly bought the boy for Rs 1.8 lakh from two doctors who were members of a larger gang because they wanted a son. The couple already has a daughter.

Eight people were arrested, including the man who was caught on surveillance cameras as he picked up the child from the platform.

Footage from a press conference organised by Mathura Railway Police showed the police handing the child over to his mother, with everyone smiling at the camera. Another video shows a stack of Rs 500 notes that police confiscated from the arrested doctor.

Senior police officer Mohammad Mustaq said in a detailed statement that the kidnapping was carried out by a gang involved in money trafficking.

“We found that a man named Deep Kumar had taken the child. He was part of a gang that included two doctors who ran a hospital in the neighbouring Hatteras area. A number of other health workers were also involved. . We interrogated people in whose home the child was found and they told us they only had one daughter, so wanted a son. That’s why they made the deal,” Mr Mushtaq said in a statement to reporters. Say.

No response has been received from either the company’s side or the Bharatiya Janata Party that was arrested.

Footage of the incident from the evening of August 23 shows a man appearing to pass by the child sleeping with its mother. After a while, he came back, picked up the child and rushed over. CCTV cameras caught him running towards a train on the platform.

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